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I have a 6.5 284 8.5 twist Krieger barrel took it off for a 6BR barrel 8 twist Now I was wandering about 6.5 br for the old barrel will it shoot sierra 120gr bullets and what about dies I looked at the back posts and seen mike? shot one Hope he sees this with some helpful hints anyone please help
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I think I found my own answer in the 6.5 Grendel thanks for this web site I hope my gunsmith now has a reamer
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I am shooting one for IHMSA Silhouette. Deadly little round.
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6.5 Br die are available from Redding as custom , you too use a 7 BR bushing and fit a bushing in 6.5 that works fine or convert a 6 BR bushing die by regrinding the neck junction or EDM it

I use 6.5 BR from Redding and a 7 BR from Hornady with homemade bushing conversion

6.5 BR is a sweet solution for 308 bolt face and even the 120 SMK is not a high BC bullet that a accurate one

regular drawing from PPG is OK with a 0.293 neck just specify you will use Remington barss OR Lapua brass body is not the same , lapua quality is far better than Rem quality and no Lapua is plenty available

good shooting

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I was reading some more on the 6.5 Grendel are the reamers released to the public yet? and what about reloading info where do i find this at?
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Good luck there...

For what its worth, the BR family is well established. The Grendel is still very new. If it dies, I hope you are stocked up on brass and your gunsmith keeps the reamer.
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purchase a reamer without to be able to check specs before to pay is close to gambling

a cartridge is one thing

a chamber drawing is another story

you can get :

several neck diameter
from neck turn to minimum neck NO turn too sloopy machine gun

several throat design
minimum OAL minimum jump
SAAMI safe throat
Weatherby load free bore
sloopy machine gun design

several base design
from BR /single shot
to semi auto chamber base

a caliber name is one thing as 6PPC , that a name but you get many reamer to ream many diffrent chamber as :
6 PPC Sako , 6 PPC Boyer I , 6 PPC Boyer II , 6 PPC III , 6PPC JGS , 6 PPC Bruno , 6 PPC bruno II ..... and some others

and none are design for the same use , as soon as a design is not lock and know the question is what is the real one .

carefully check what you plan to use and you are able to get

this post is true for all caliber name

6.5 BR is a proven design without any request /need of monopoly suplier , you can get dies easy , reamer easy , case easy ( just neck up the 6 Norma case from Lapua Brand ) so no trouble in your project and if you plan to modify or change improved something that easy .

6.5 Grendel is a possible solution/way for AR15 but not really for bolt action

good shooting


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thanks every one so much for the info the Grendel just look so promising so the 6.5 BR is the way to go then! rite heres my plan stolle panda action on my ppc has 308 bolt face i don't want to sell my old 6.5 just don't want to play with the 6.5 284 anymore and wanted something different I shoot groundhog matches and score.Groundhog out to 500yds I would like to try a few 600yd matches also thanks again everyone and happy thanksgiving

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