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Anyone shooting this combination at 6oo yards what are your real world results for accuracy and velocity.

Which powder ? Reloader 15 or 17

Looking to possibly build one, have done a lot of searching but results seem to vary.

I shoot 10 round strings for record at 600 yards and the wind always blows in western MN.

This year I used a 6brx that averaged 4.7'' for ten shot groups for 8 weeks of league, best was 3.5'' worst was 5.8''. 5shot groups average mid 2'' range on good days.

Ballistics look similar but wondering if the heavier bullets would perform better in the variable winds for 10 round strings.

Looking for input.
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I shoot the 6.5x47L with Berger 130 g VLDs and although I have not shot groups at 600 yards I use it for 300 and 600 yard F-class. I have shot a number of clean relays at 300 yards but have not yet shot a clean 600 y relay but have shot quite a few 198's at 600 yards with the 47L.

I had shot the rifle about 1,400 rounds with Varget 34.8 g at 2,750 fps a lower node but extremely accurate then varget was getting a little hard to get. I developed an accurate load with 37 g RL-15, a number of people were shooting 37.6 g RL-15 the load shot very well, but in a relay I had 2 partial head case separation. I bring this up as a number of loads posted are at 37 g RL-15 and that proved to be too much for the brass in my case.

I went back to the bench and found that 36.4 g RL-15 gave me 2,775 fps and great accuracy 5-shot groups at 100 yards under 0.25 when measured center to center. Those groups were shot with over 1,500 rounds down the tube. I have not shot these at range yet but will this weekend or Monday night at the latest.

One issue with the 47L is cratered and pierced primers, you will get cratered primers at almost any loading so do not be scared if at a low loading you get craters. Have your firing pin bushed if you are getting pierced primers. I have not yet seen a pierced primer.

I used Wolf magnum SR primers for the first time on the RL-15 rounds as my favorites BR4's are as scarce as hen's teeth. The wolf magnum performed well and did not crater much, but I broke a hand priming tool seating them as it takes a bone crunching grip to seat them with a Lee hand primer seater.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Wade,
How long is your barrel? I read people are running up to 2980 fps with the 130's but I wonder how hard it is on brass.

Is it possible to run the 130's in the 2880-2930 with Reloader 17 and still have good case life?

I have had problems with my 6brx with primer pockets becoming loose after a few firings when trying to reach over 3000 fps in my 28'' Brux barrel. It shoots well but is hard on brass.

My firing pin is bushed.

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The barrel is a 28" 1-8" twist Brux. I can get more velocity out of the Varget than 2,750 but the accuracy at 2,750 outweighs any wind advantage another 100 fps give me. I have a batch of brass with 8 loadings on it and the primers are still tight.

I got 3,050 fps with RL-17 without any abnormal pressure signs but the accuracy was lousy 5 shot groups at 100 yards were over 1 inch. Given the accuracy I got with RL-17 I did not try anyomre loads. I think you are better to move up in case volume if you want to get more than 2,950 fps with 130 g bullets than the 47L cah give you. I am having a 6.5 x 55 AI barrel installed on the same rig as the 47L in an attempt to get 3,000 fps with 130 g bullets.

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Hey Guys, I use 41.5 grs of H4350 and 130 Bergers, CCI mag primer. Comes of my 28" Kreiger barrel @ 2930fps.It shoots very well. Its a little compressed when seating the bullet, but no pressure problems, and brass is still very good after 5 firings so far.
Note: Start at 40grs and work up !
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Hey DJ, What equipment are you using? No pierced primers with my Barnard action using 38.5gr of Varget with Lapua Scenar 139gr bullets. This load gives 2880fps in a 30", 1 in 8 twist barrel and a bit over 2900fps in a 32" barrel.

I also used 42.0gr of H4350 with 130gr Bergers for 2944fps with excellent accuracy. A chamber with 0.159" freebore is best for 130-140gr bullets as it allows more powder room in the case while still providing sufficient bullet bearing surface in the neck.

I think the loads I experimented with the 130gr VLDs were 38.5grs of Varget (same as 140gr projectile load I now use)these were good for 2990+fps and very accurate. If Berger had a constant supply in Oz I would still be using this load.

For 600yds use either 130 or 140gr VLDs or Scenars launched with a safe and accurate load at around 2880-3000fps.
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Gun is a Savage Target Action RBLP with a PT&G oversize bolt body and a Evolution Trigger with a Gre-Tan bushed firing pin. Barrel is a 28'' Brux in 6BRX. I am not piercing primers just loosening the pockets.

Just thinking of trying a 6.5x47 with 130's to test against it next year wondering if it would shoot better over 10 shots for record.

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In my barrels, I didn't have much luck with Varget, and besides you can't find some anyway. Reloader 15 shot well, but it's to dirty.

The above mentioned loads of H4350 are where it's at. I won a 1K bench match last weekend with that load. Velocity is in the mid 2900's.
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