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I see we have a new 30BR Info Page which is great news but does anybody know what happened to the 6.5x47L Info Page. Last I heard it was very close to being finished and a page being posted!

Anyone have any news on this?
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Very much interested in that information also. I have been working with a 6-6.5X47 and I'm having a 6.5X47 built as we speak for my new deer rifle.
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I am all for a 6.5x47 info page, especially considering the number of different weight bullets actively being used in this caliber rather than just 139-140gr. class.
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Do we have a moderator with any info for us on when this might happen or even if its still in the incubation phase?

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I've been waiting for Jason to complete his testing the the 6.5x47/6-6.5x47 rifle. That has taken much longer than anticipated. When that's complete we'll be starting on the combined six/six-five X47 LAPUA cartridge guide. In the meantime, please post recommended loads in this thread.

ID 6-6.5x47 or 6.5x47
Powder charge
Seating depth
Primer type
Velocity (if known)
Barrel length and type
Comments on load qualities and accuracy
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Ok, I'll kick it off with my fave target load!

6.5x47L Version
Powder = Varget
Powder Charge = 38.5gr
Primer = CCI 400
Bullet = Lapua Scenar 139gr (I point them using John Whidden's die)
Seating Depth = 0.460"
COAL = 1.360"
Velocity = 2890fps
Barrel = Krieger 30" in 8 twist
Action = Barnard
Reamer = PT&G Print# 14485 (0.159 freebore - no neck turn)

500 rounds at this load have been fired thru the rifle.

Redding Type S dies used with a 0.289 neck sizing bush.

Lapua brass lightly neck turned to 0.013" thickness.

I see no need to use magnum primers and think that by using the standard CCI 400 primers with a fast-ish powder like Varget I avoid pressure spikes.

Accuracy is excellent, on the weekend I shot in a 3 day comp at the first range of 300 yds I shot a 98 in gusty conditions. In Australia the 10 ring measures 1/2 moa, so eight of my opening account grouped in 1.5". Throughout the 3 days with ranges out to 800yds the 6.6x47L was competitive in the f-open class. I was shooting against 300WSM, 7mm, 6.5x284 and 6mm rifles. The 6.5x47L held its own and only my poor wind reading skills dropping me back in the field.

The 139gr Scenars can be shot at higher velocities in my Barnard action but I have an accutate load and dont see the need to enter into the 2900+fps at the moment. I tried 130gr Berger VLDs with success at 2950fps and even out to 3000fps with Varget.

At the moment I am staying with the Scenars as they shoot where I point them and are dimensionally more consistent than the Bergers. Dimensional consistency means I dont have to trim the bullets before I point them. The Scenar's BC is good to start with but once pointed they are truly excellent and using Bryan Litz's ballistic calculator come out with a G7 match at 0.330 as opposed to Bryan's listing of 0.285.

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Moderator: Excellent news, to hear the project is still alive. I expect my 6.5X47 Kreiger barreled, Trued Rem action, Kiff Bolt, Brown Precision stock, to be ready by this weekend. Should have some load data and performance evaluation in a few weeks. Thanks for keeping us informed.
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Just had some good results with my 6.5x47 AI Aw ,,,
The first couple of weeks i had very bad groups,,
I tried every load that i could think of using re15 and
123 grain scenars,, These were surpossed to be the best combo
in this calibre?????, I worked up in .3 grain measures from 37 grains right upto 39,, Scenars in the lands then out of the lands??? I was pulling my bloody hair out by this time to say the least??? Forgot to say the primers were cci br4,,,
Then i bought some cci450 primers and hey presto four rounds in one hole off the bipod laying down in the fields on the farm??
The load was 38.6 of re15,,Group size was .230 out of a 1in8.5 twist Border barrel,, Smiles all day!!!!
Another good load was 95 vmax Re15 or h4350, This will be my foxing load And it was putting rounds into 1.5" at 300 with ease. The scenars were averaging 3034 fps at 38.6 g of re15 so this will be my 600 br load. Hope this is of some help to other 6.5x47 users on here,, All the best from Wales,, Darrel
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