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I am looking for information on the different versions of an "Ackley" style Improved 6.5x55 swede.

I understand that there is a 40 degree AI version, a 6.5x55 BJAI, and a 6.5x55 vias? No doubt there are other versions as well.

I have heard it said that the BJAI is the best one.....but nobody can tell me why.

I am looking for case diagrams and any other info that you can help with.

My intent is to build a LR capable hunting rifle with good repeater function, of a similar performance to the 6.5-284 with hopefully better barrel life...

Any help appreciated...thanks
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i wouldn't be jst too overly concerned about the barrel life on a hunting rifle and if you really were than you wouldn't be worried about trying to load a couple extra grains of powder.

a hunting rifle is a tool and you shouldn't trouble yourself with additional reloading steps and brass prep. you should be more focused on hunting and making good shots. you've also got to consider any feeding issues that may occur with an improved cartridge. i would hate for my rifle not work the way i wanted it to, when i needed it to the most.

in my opinion if you want to match the performance of the 6.5x284 than get a barrel chamberd for 6.5x284. it is an awsome cartridge and a favorite of many. my current long range caliber of choice is a 270wsm and i expect to get atleast 1,000 rounds thru it before needing a new barrel.

the 6.5x55ai is also a very good choice and i think 40deg. shoulder is the most popular and proly easiest to find dies for. if your looking to tinker and hunt with a custom gun than either should work fine. the great thing about it is you can get lapua brass for both the 6.5x55 and 6.5x284.

i've been in your shoes before and put way too much thought into this kinda of stuff. if i ever start to do it agian i'm jst gonna buy a thompson center and get as many different barrels as i want.

good luck to you and i hoped i helped some.
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I have been shooting the 6.5x55AI 40* version this summer. That is the same as the BJAI version. I have a reamer print and article by Bob Jourdan about the BJAI, if you would like I could try to email it to you.

Have been shooting 120NBT's and 130VLD's. the 130's with RL22 running right at 2975 fps. out of a 30" tube and very accurate. TB
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Cheers j_222250

There are feeding issues to consider with the 6.5-284 as well in a repeater not designed specifically for that cartridge. Mag capacity can also be reduced. While you are correct that a pure hunting rifle hardly gets through the rounds to worry about a 1000 round barrel life...this rifle may well get used for hunting, varminting and rangework, and there is no harm in prompting for more barrel life if I can get it.

I will convert a Sako 75 long action to build this, possibly with an existing standard 6.5x55 so the simplest option is to rechamber the existing barrel... With any luck no other alterations required...

That would be great if you could email those to me thanks

Would really appreciate it...
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have you looked into 6.5x47L? you might have to find a short actoion somewhere, but talk about a sweet round. it may jst be what your looking for. jst throwing that out there because i myself had my mind set on a 243ai then built a 6x47L.

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Yes have looked at both the 6-6.5x47 and the standard 6.5x47 and both are on the to do list one day.

At this stage i am keen on the 3000fps 140g 6.5mm option.....where I live we have big valleys and Thar/Chamois and am looking for a 600-700 m capable option...

Am also running a 7mm-08 so the standard 6.5x47 is a bit close to that in performance to worry about at this stage.

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Sammy, If you want a fun build and end up with a cartridge that rivles the 6.5-284 then the 6.5x55 BJAI / A.I. is the thing to do. I built one two years ago and read reams of internet threads on this topic, I can get 2900+ from 123 grn match kings along with excellent accuracy (1/4 moa). All this with mild dont need to push the Ackley so hot to make it a preformer!

Build it you'll love it.
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For your reading pleasure...
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