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Can I fireform Dasher brass by using a fast burning (say Bullseye) underneath cream of wheat filler with wax on top? If so, what powder an how much? I currently use the forming method of putting a false shoulder in the neck, loading a full BR load of Varget and a 105 bullet.
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Yep, it's possible, I've used 8gr N320but fine tune this load for your own barrel. I don't know if it really makes a difference in barrel wear, my barrel heats up pretty quickly with the CoW method.
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Can be done. Speedy Gonzalez, who sells prepped/formed 6PPC brass, simple loads Bullseye to the base of the neck, and tops it with a wax or clay plug. He does use a dedicated fire-forming barrel with .002" short headspace for a good crush fit. NOTE: this is for PPC cases, not Dasher cases.

WARNING--NEVER use this pistol power with a bullet seated!!!

If you use this method you might start with a bit less powder (since the 6BR case is larger, and try tissue paper as filler--it doesn't gunk up the barrel so much.

From what we hear, the folks who take the time to make a false shoulder seem to get the best results, with the fewest lost cases.
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I have used the pistol powder and wax candle in my 6 Dasher using Bullesye powder and it took a complete full case of powder to blow the cases out. it really took two trips to range to get the case fuly blown out with 2nd trip using bullets. With the new barrel I decided to go on and shoot bulelts with the intended powder and blew the cases out on first firing.
Guess what I'm saying it wasn't worth the effort to use pistol powder in my 6 Dasher as they really never blew out like they should.
On the other hand the 22 Dasher it only took 12 or 13 grns of Bullseye to blow them cases out with nice and sharp shoulders.
Difference bore dia to case capacity the 22 built more pressure.
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Fire form with bullets i used 30gr H4895 with 80 and 107gr bullets a false shoulder and into the lands the 107's grouped 3 into .249 and 5 into .850 at 300 yards just load them and shoot them in practice.

Cheers Bill
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I've used the false shoulder method with 33grs. Varget & a moly'd S107MK for over 1100 rounds of FF loads through three different Dashers. Have lost eight or nine cases in the process - one with a neck split, the others with a split right at the base of the shoulder. This was all Lapua brass, and these loads have shot plenty good enough to clean the NRA MR-1 600yd. target in all three rifles.
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Interesting Dennis,
I use the exact same ff load in my BRX

Scott Parker
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