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Want to buy a new barrel and want something to buck the wind better than my tight neck 6br at 1000 yds.... I love my 6br's however at 1000 if its at all windy It's a challenge ....I know wind is wind no matter what cal.
just need advice...
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For wind only, the 6.5-284 will shoot inside the dasher all the way out.

c'mon...try that glue in know you want to

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Both have proven to be very good !!! Both hold World Records !!! The 6.5 has been around longer

Reason I will choose the 6-Dasher over the 6.5 is:
- Less Recoil (50% Less)
- Less powder needed ( 20-grains less // 40% Cost Savings )
- Longer barrel life (600 to 800 more, is my prediction)
- More bullet selections
- Use any action with the 6 (no Short actions with the 6.5)

Both are here to stay ....
You will read about both for years to come ....

Happy Shooting
Donovan Moran

Reply with quote  #4 don't tempt me ....what I would like to do is put
a 6 Dasher on the glue in and a 6.5 on the Dan dowling trued 700
(it has a pinned lug)

If I did go with the 6.5 a break is IMHO a must at least for me

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Hi i had a direct comparison with a 6.5-284 against my 6mm Dasher at our first IBS 1000 yard shoot the first relay was verry windy and no one got a group i had my 6mm Dasher there was a heavy gun in 30-404 imp a 308 baer and a 6.5-284 the next relay had some better conditions and the results are on the Competition page under Bendigo's first 1000 yards any way i had 4 shots in 2.313" and 5 in 6.894" to get small group and highest score. It doesnt matter what you use it matters that it shoote well and you pick the wind.

Cheers Bill
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Thanks for the replies you guys ...wild bill it looks like you did well down under...I have seen some of your posts on other sites you guys should be proud of the event.....
Its just that its pretty windy in my neck of the woods both are great rounds....and both have great potential, again wind is wind no matter what you shoot...

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On an overall avg the 6.5-284 will out shoot the 6 Dasher in my opinion. I own both and for the time being I only shoot the 600 yd format, but in my experience there is no substitute for a heavier bullet. Folks can run all the ballistic tables they want and yes the 6 mm may shoot faster and show a flatter traj or less wind drift but what I've actually seen in the real world that heavier bullet still out performs the lighter.
This is given everything is tuned correctly and you do your part.
There will be times a 6 Dasher can and will out shoot the 6.5 and even the 30 cals but those times are a bit rare. Alot of things happen between the muzzle and the target we never see.

Good luck in your choice.
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