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Bridgeville opens the season Oct. 22 and 23rd. Light or factory class on 22nd and heavy or factory on 23rd. New this season the factory class rifles can post a 2 day match score. Feeling that a person may shoot factory class 2 days will give more practice and 2 times the chance of building a score or group. I know light guns could do the same, and a person may shoot factory and light or heavy. I opened my eyes to the fact a factory rifle being placed in light class is a real bummer. Light has a chance in heavy but factory is not fair. For those shooting factory class 2 days I feel the practice offers a chance to learn the rifle better and promotes competition. I see some post as to what works at 600? 17 Mach 4 posted great finish last year. Heavier bullets are fair velocities. I recall a 223 last season shooting good scores on a tough day. I thought as most the bullet was 68 or so to find it was a 55 grain in a 9 twist. The school of thought is that a 68 grain bullet from PPC 14 twist would not do so well. Finding the PPC can post great scores, as well I have seen some 4 shots groups from PPC giving hope to the PPC setting the world record to a small one. As some have read I did test for 2 years on 6BR in 8 twist rifles for the purpose of shooting factory ammo. This test gets another run this season. Some other cartridges take a turn. 6.5x55 is the next on the agenda. Goal is to provide a 600 yard rifle for those who may not have the time or not feeling ready for loading and testing. The 6BR test was and still is a great test of this. If a person wonders what to have this is the answer. Post factory ammo N-135 powder and I have used Lapua and Sierra bullets in these fired cases to shoot groups that make any shooter happy. In Factory class many times a 25-06 or so shoot great. Biggest problem I have seen is the shooters them selves loose points by gun handling or shooting the wrong conditions. On the same note I see light gun shooters doing the same thing. Factory gun handling mistake cost sever points and a bench gun is more forgiving.
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