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Will mainly be shooting <300yds. But there are 600yd F-Class matches about an hour from the house. So may shoot those from time to time.

Right now I have a Broughton 7.75HV 1-8" 5C 6mm. And a Shehane ST-1000L Thumb-hole sitting in the corner. Waiting on a Predator action before throwing the project together. Will be shooting 85gr and heavier. Does .100" free bore sound correct? Do you turn the necks or leave as is? Will be getting a reamer made.

Will mount a NF 12-42NXS on it when done.

So knowing the intended use. Which one 6BR or 6BRX?

Thank you for your time and knowledge sharing.
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I second everything, But mine are 6 BRX. I had one of my 6 BR's punched to a 6 BRX. it added 205 f/s to my velocity 2795' to 3000'. The new IBS pending lg group record 0.860" was shot with a 6 BR at 2900'. Both are great. I have my Bat just rebarreled with 28" Krieger 6 BRX. shooting great so far 0.40" at 200yds FF.
If you want to see it. It is on home page in the new orange lowrider stock.

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Here's Marks rifle....

Varmnts For Fun
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Mark, what type of rings do you have on your NF? My NXS 12-42 came in today. What height also. So now I'm just waiting on the action.

How long was the barrel that was a 6BR then re-chambered to 6BRX?

And not to start a war. Whose reamers do the top competitors in the game use? If you would prefer to PM that's fine.

My smith has an "standard" no turn neck reamer that he uses. I would prefer to have my own reamer made. What is the turnaround time once the order is placed?

What is the barrel and brass life of 6BR compared to a 6 BRX?

I will be getting 300 pieces of same lot brass when I start having the rifle built.
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+1 to outlaws questions, I am very interested in the answers.

And also, Mark, how do you like the stock? I'm all but set to buy one, but would like to hear some feedback on yours.
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Well found out today that I'm not one of the lucky ones getting the first run of the Predator actions. So unless somone who has one coming decides they don't want it. Looks like I have a few more months to think about which cartridge.

As it is right now leaning towards a 6BR no neck turn brass. And if not happy down the road will have the barrel set back and rechambered to 6 BRX.

Will the rig be competative for 600yds assuming I do my part? Or am I just contributing to the purse? IF the 6 BRX is a better performer at 600 then tell me and I'll go that way.
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Thank you. I guess I wasn't looking in the right places.

Certainly appreciate the link.
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Sorry it took so long to get back,

The rings are Burris Sig. ex high on a Bat 20 dregee rail. I am going to change them to Bat Alum. ring with builtin bases, to make 17lb weight,I am a little heavy. Reamer is a Dave Kiff No turn 6BRX. The Barrel is a Kreiger HV standard length, it finished at 28". As far as the stock, I picked up just before Deer season and it has been bad weather. I have not shot it yet, I like the oo8, and I think the LowRider will be better.

The standard 6 BR will do great at 600 & 1000yds, but mine was very slow only 2795', some guys are getting 2900" plus. I think the speed should be between 2950 & 3050 for long range with a good vld bullet, but the 600 yds IBS light Gun record 1.070" was shot with 88 ld Berger's.


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