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Yep , a Long Range Pistol .
Lawton 7500 LB,LP,action ,18" 8 twist McGowen barrel ,2oz Jewel trigger.
I plan to shoot 600 yd and 1000 yd BenchRest/F-Class, heads up with the Rifles .I have a PTG reamer per recommendations of Dave Kiff ..Plan on the 105-108 gr bullets .
I have searched and read about this cartridge and think it will meet my goals . My last cartridge used was a 7 twist , 6mm Rem .I decided on the 47 case because of quality brass,small primer pockets, and I figured would get me the accuracy and velocity needed.
This cartridge seems to be pretty straight forward as to prepping and loading , but as with all cases ,there's always tips or tricks . Thoughts,Tips,Tricks would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I dont know about tips and tricks, like you said its a pretty straight forward cartridge. I have a 6x47L rifle for 1000 yard shooting. I have been thinking about doing a 6x47L pistol next my self. For hunting. I question the viability to go heads up against benchrest rifles with it tho. Your a better man than I if you can run with them at 1000 yards with a pistol. At least around here groups in the 1000 yard game are getting pretty small. Takes a top notch rifle to be compeditive. Cant imagine someone on the line with a pistol doing very well but I guess you never know.

Anyway, I think its a great caliber for a pistol.
What stock are you planning on?
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Ryan ,
I shot a modified (rear grip)Savage Striker this last season at our club.
I understand the quality of equipment and shooters at all the Matchs around the country.Our club ( Colorado Rifle Club ) has its share of accomplish Marksmen... But a Guy has to set GOALS...LOL

Here' my son n law(Kevin)first time behind that Striker..

a 6mm Rem, 7 twist for 115's.
Although it shot good ..> 3/4" at 200 yds most days ,trigger and balance(tracking) was a on going problem . so I decided to build a New gun for the up coming season ,and see what happens.Wish me Luck...LOL
The stock will be a McRee's( Module Pistol ,3" bench rest forend with the adjustable rear grip .I have a couple of friends that are using these stocks , with good results , so I will work with the manufacturer and see if we can take the design farther .We will try and get it balanced close to 17 this will be a dedicated Bench Gun.
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You are absolutely correct in that one must set goals and a 6x47L 1000 yard benchrest pistol is a fine one. Not much of any recoil. Plenty of velocity. Lapua brass and several makers make a nice 6mm bullet. You sparked my interest in making a pistol again. LOL still dont see me taking it to the line instead of my rifle. I like my rifle to much to let it sit home. But you never know.

That's a fine looking pistol. If one was going to do well at 1000 yards Id think it would be on a platform like that one.
I think its good you decided to go with the 105-108's for your next one. Don't see very many people at least at my club doing much with the 115's.

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Ryan ,
LOL... I can understand about not trading your rifle for a pistol ...LOL .
And although I have been a rifle shooter Most of my life ,I love these short guns...and at 60 yrs , they seem to occupy most of my time any more ,shooting and hunting.
I also have a new Kiff 6.5x284 Norma reamer , and for now ,I will chamber that barrel as well for the Lawton action .Both have excellent track records in rifles and actually , the 6.5 works really well in our short guns as well .So I am really looking forward to the 6mm ...I really think it will work very well.
Depending on what you will build .. , a custom or XP100 mid or rear grip ... There's good stocks out there , Joel Russo makes a excellent product ...for one .
Hunting ...a friend this last antelope season , took a doe at 875 yds , one shot...with a 284 win and 168 bergers .. I took a doe at 635 yds , with that 6mm Rem and 105 Bergers , one shot .
Pistols are a Hoot ...
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I really hate to say this but----If the feds catch you with a Lawton 7500 action on a pistol you'll be sent to the big house for a while....
You can not build a pistol out of a rifle action....
You can build a rifle out of a pistol action without a problem...
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Preacher ... Howdy ,
These are sold as a 7500 Lawton Receiver , "Action" if you want , and registered as Just "Receivers"(Actions).No Rifle or Pistol designation necessary.
And you are correct , you cannot take a rifle or a registered rifle receiver and make a pistol from that cannot take a receiver that was built as a rifle(registered) and make a pistol..And as you said , you can take a pistol action , like a XP100 and make a rifle ...I really don't understand the logic to many of our laws.
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Ray, seems like your good to go then, you'll have more fun with that pistol than your probably allowed to have. My XP's with up to 20 inch barrels on them freak a lot of folks out the way they shoot.....
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