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What designates a pistol as a pistol? It not contacting the shoulder? That's hardly your regular type pistol for sure. I wouldn't think any officer of the law would see it as a straight forward pistol but there isn't much flex in gun laws. I mean its a matter of semantics really as to what designates the action a pistol action or rifle action when your talking about a gun like that.

Kinda lost here.
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Hey ...
I totally agree , with the laws as written , its all semantics ....I have no idea how any of our law makers /officials would describe a Handgun...
We all are confused by these(Laws),and all these "Laws" are open to interpretation from any and all of these Law Officials , and depending on the mood , can be interpretative liberal or restrictive .I've had several conversations with Officials and got different interpretations..
When people think or hear Handgun , what pops is a 357 /44 Mag Revolver or the Semi Auto's they see on TV carried by the Police or the Bad Guys they are chasing .
I find the public generally have a hard time understanding Specialty Pistols ( Handguns) .XP100's ,Savage Strikers , Wichita's , MOA's ,Contenders ,Encores and others are all beyond the Handgun Terminology ....
My project "Pistol" will be a Specialty Pistol for Sure...A single purpose "Handgun" .Built to shoot 600 and 1000yd Bench rest Matches.When the "Action" gets to my FFL , It will be registered as a Lawton 7500 action..period.
I might call Lawton , and see if they would give this action a "P" designation to the serial # .. and log this in there records as a Pistol Receiver ... That might help..


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I wrote this very long winded response and or several more questions but after rereading it and before hitting the post button I decided that all I was really saying was HMMMM?
Ill have to keep all this in mind if and when I build mine.
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Ryan ....
Hmmmmm....I understand , I would not let this , stop your Project . I am waiting patiently for the Action , and collecting the pieces and parts .I am try'n to decide if I should have the Aluminum stock Anodized or dipped ,to keep it simple or take it to the Extreme ...I'm not sure how much attention (raised EyeBrows)it will draw.....LOL
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Here's a Barrel Blocked Contender I built for 1000yd Prairie Dogs .a 5.6x50R Imp , shooting 80 gr bullets.weight 16 #, worked good ...1046 yds so far .

This has been taken apart now , and being fitted to a Encore Pistol , a 18" 280AI , for the 162/168 gr bullets ..another 600 / 1000yd effort .

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Very nice. Not quite what I had in mind but something to consider. To be honest I'm not sure what I have in mind.

What kind of accuracy do you get out at 1000 yards with it?

To bad you don't live on the east cost. Bring that thing to Williamsport. I'm sure it would draw attention.
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Attention......Probably ....LOL
A Lot More Laughs and Giggles .... More Probable...LOL
These Pistols are really just a way to amuse myself , at 60 yrs , I am way past the age to be really competitive at anything .No eyes and failing health .But I do like people to see that these Pistols can shoot , and shoot well . When appropriate techniques are used ,most of these Pistols do a pretty good job of hanging with the rifles out to 600 yds most days ..
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