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I'm new to the game. Have been shooting prairie dogs w/22-250 @ 4000 fps and 257 STW @ 3900 - 4000 fps. Lately have been shooting metal plates w/guys shooting 308 and 6X @ 2700 - 2800 fps. VERY impressive shooting. Can someone explain why the 6XC over the 243? Does it have something to do with case volume vs powder charge volume? It can't be simple, but any explanation will help. I'm wanting to have a 6XC built and need a little info to "push me over the top". Thanks
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The 6XC has less recoil for one. David Tubb has experimented with a lot of different cartridges looking for the best combination of inherent accuracy, low recoil, and good wind-cheating ballistics. The results of the 6XC at Camp Perry sort of speak for themselves.

But, for a varminter, the .243 or .243 AI WILL go faster, and you can buy good Lapua and Norma brass from many vendors. George Gardner of GA Precision is running DTAC 115s at about 3150 fps through his std .243 Win. That beats the 6XC by 120 fps. In fact the ballistics of a .243 with DTAC 115s beat a 6.5-284 at 2950.
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Thanks, and another question. I'll probably go with the 243 or 243 AI. I like Sierra Matchking bullets and would probably use the 107 gr. Should I go with something like an 8" twist?
Thanks again
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When using the 107 Sierra Matchkings you will need an 8 twist no matter which cartridge you decide on.
So if you know what barrel contour you will be using you can get the barrel ordered with an 8 twist and still take your time deciding on the cartridge.

Enjoy your project!!!

Richard Schatz
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It is true that the 6xc has done very well @ Camp Perry. However...If the same top shooters were shooting a 243, 6x47 SM, 6x or 6/250..I think the results would have been exactly the same. The difference in recoil between a 6xc and 243 is very minimal in a 12-15 lb match rifle. The 243 uses a few grains more powder, not enough to make much of a difference. I shot. I shot a 260 and another rifle in 6.5x, and noticed no difference in recoil. 6.5x used about 3 grains less powder.
Go with the 243...plenty of brass and die options. Only one place to get 6xc brass and dies. and they're not cheap!

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YMMV, but I'd kind of tend to agree that, if you can't wait for the 6.5x47 brass to arrive a .243 will fill the bill. That said, the 6BR, which can push a 105 VERY accurately at 2950 fps does a lot of things awfully well. I've also been informed that the 6BR will feed flawlessly through a Tikka 595 action if you use the 22-250 magazine, which is single-column.
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I have had a 6XC, and have shot a 600 yds IBS heavy gun record, shooting Berger's 105 VLD's. I could not get the speed that I thought I would from the XC, pushed hard only 3000 f/s. I am now shooting a 6BRX ( 6 BR imp), I am still running 3000 f/s, but with 7 gr less powder. You could do a 6BR, 243, or 243AI, with much less cost for Dies, buy better brass and shoot just as well. Do like Richard said, get your barrel, and look around for your round youwant to shoot.

Mark Schronce
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As far as the 243 is concerned, do I need to be concerned about throat dimensions when using the 105/115 bullets? I have found a Hart 1:8 barrel for the project.
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