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I was wondering if anyone makes a small base die for 6mmBR cases? I have some once and twice fired .262BR brass that isnt working in my newly chambered .262 BR. My new chamber is really tight and this brass has been fired in a chamber that isnt quite as tight as mine. I am FL sizing them but i still get one out of three to four cases stuck in my chamber. My smith took a look at the brass and measured it and there is something like 2 thou difference. I can use this brass as it is and just knock out the ones that get stuck but i dont want to have to do this. After i fire them in my gun they are better but they still will need at least one more firing before i can hunt with them. This is great brass i have and i would like to be able to use it, its just my new chamber is really tight, which isnt a bad thing, it just wont work with the used brass i have. If someone is needing some good .262 6BR brass i can send you a couple pieces to try before i make you a heck of a deal. I was hoping i could find a small base die, but it doesnt look like there is such a thing. Does anyone here no for sure? Thanks Lee
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A small base die fro a .243 should work as should a .308 small base die. All of those should be .4709 above the web.
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Bob Green in York PA makes an excellent small base 6BR die that also uses sizing bushings.
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My smith (Jon Beanland) suggested that if i didnt find a small base die that i have bob green make me a custom FS die. I dont know if that will re-shape the brass i have or not though. I have Bob's number and i may call him tomorrow. This rifle i have is going to be used as a hunting rifle. I hate to get to much rapped up in it really. I would like to use the brass i have as well so i really dont know what to do. I have a fella that will turn me some new brass all i have to do is supply him with the brass and pay the shipping. Super nice of this fella to offer this to me. I have 3 new boxes of BR brass so i am going to have this done. I guess i will just sell the brass i have as it is good brass excellent in fact. I dont remember who Jon said made the reamer but it is just really really tight in the back end. 2 thou tighter than Dave kiffs reamer. My smith didnt have the .262 BR reamer so we rented it from a good friend of his. We thought we had some problems at first because the brass was getting stuck after firing it in the rifle. The bolt would also double click when ejecting. It really through us for a spell. Jon called the company that made the reamer today and this is how we found out that its just a really tight reamer. I hope it works out ok for hunting. It should!! I also have about 300 pieces of remington 7BR brass that has been turned to .262 that works just fine in my rifle. As you know the remington brass is a bit smaller than the Lapua. I will use the remington brass for hunting as it was giving me some super accurate groups last weekend at the range. This little delima we had was actually a good learning ordeal for me. I sure do enjoy this sport and you folks!!! I know this isnt the for sale section but if anyone would like to try this Lapua brass i have out just send me a Pm and i will send you some to try. Like i said it darn near new and it will most likley work out great for ya.
I painted my stock today at work as there wasnt much going on. It turned out really good. I will post a pic here in a minute. I am just about ready to do some coyote hunting if the rain would ever stop and the boys could get the corn out of the fields. Have a nice evening!! Lee

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Try a 30/06 size die to squeeze the body, remove the decapping pin assembly, use plenty of lube.
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Well it looks like i learned another new trick. I took the Lapua brass and sized it in my Hornady 243FLS die. I then ran it through the redding bushing BR die bumping the shoulder back properly and all is fine. I will have to load and shoot a few but it looks like i will be able to use my brass. I will keep you posted on what i find out! Lee
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Or, send a couple of cases, that have been fired several times, in your chamber, and send them to Harrell's Precision. They will make you a die.
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Sounds like you need to run your brass through a "body" die. The Bushing dies will do the neck and bump the shoulder but won't size the body down. After 5 to 10 firings, run them through a body only die and you're back in business. Works great on my 22 and 6 BR brass. They start getting snug in the chamber, a pass through the body die and you're ready to go again.
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