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The problem I had w/ a 6mm BR in a *Savage* action involved it popping loose from the extractor when it was not quite all the way out... probably 99% out of the chamber, but it'd bump against the receiver where the bolt lug raceways are, and come free. Leaving me to try and hook what I could of a very stubby case head w/ a pinky and get it out of there. Not fun. Fred Moreo over @ SSS fixed this w/ a new milled steel extractor. I'd had some problems w/ the extractor holding onto the case w/ Winchester .308 cases (different barrel, same gun), this should fix the problem entirely (known issue apparently w/ a certain run of Savages extractors from what I was told).

I've had a similar problem w/ a couple Rem700's... first was a .223 Rem, 700VS model. Did exactly the same thing, but I generally single loaded, so it wasn't a big deal. If I tried operating the bolt handle quickly, it'd literally slam the case mouth over against the receiver and dent the case mouth on a .223. When I got my second 700VS, this one in .308, and it did the same thing, I tried going w/ a lighter ejector spring made by Holland Gunsmithing that didn't push the case over so bad. Worked for about a year, then it started to loose strength, and the cases started dropping on top of the next round in the mag again.

This time I replaced it w/ a full strength OEM ejector spring, and got the ejector fixed by the local gunsmith. Problem solved for as long as I had the gun. As far as I know this isn't really 'normal', but somehow I got two in a row that did it...


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I figured we had a terminology mixup in the works...yes i can see an EJECTION problem with the short case, but you should be able to tune it by trimming the spring if you have to.

Honestly i doubt you'd have a problem though...with a rem

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Reason I ask is because people keep bring up the 260 and it does seem like the best 'all-around' cartridge. Well here is my dilema, I am basically trying to decide between two animals.

1- 6BR in Richards customs rifle stock in 6BR/ 700 action as a varmiter/BR rifle


2- 260 in a McM or AICS/ 700 or surgeon action

Number 1 is obviously cheaper, but many have said...why build number 1 when number 2 can cover that AND reach farther out...

...I'm loosing my mind trying to decide which one to build...

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hmmm...what if I build both?

Actually, that is what I think I will do, but I have a question...

what action should I use for the 6BR? I was going to go 700 but I hear it has some ejection/extraction (dunno which) issues. I can't afford a custom one, but would like to know if I have any other options.
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