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Getting ready form my first 6BR build. I am going low cost on this one to see how I like it. I am using a Savage Stevens SA and after market barrel. I was wondering if the 6BR will feed well out of a internal box magazine? I plan to use this for several types of matches at my local range and need to have the ability to fire 5 shots rapid fire (25 sec's).
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Got a "early"(1990s)110V that was .223. Changing it to 6BR. It is set up as a single shot(follower) for .221 Fireball. I just went out and put 6BR rounds in the mag box to see what it would do. 3 rounds max + 1 down the tube. The top round poped out of the mag but the second and third seemed to feed ok. You might be able to work the feed lips on the box a little. The third round was a "tight" fit. 4 rounds? Ain't gunna happen! HTH Mike.
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The Stevens internal magazine on a stock .243 rifle holds 4 rounds. If the case diameter is the same should you not be able to fit 4 rounds of either caliber in the box?
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A glove with ammo carrier and some practice you could get very quick at ejecting loading new catridage..aim and fire.

I don't know if your time is compared to faster you do it...better the score.

If this is the case an AR platform would be good...or Tubbs 2000k rifle.

If you need to get 5 shots in 25 seconds from a bench...thats not a problem.

I also think TPS is working on a Detach mag for Savages.

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This is for sporter matches where we have several stages. One is 5 shots offhand in 25-30 seconds. I just need to be able to have the cartridges feed well from the magazine.. will not be able to load single-shot style offhand.. takes to long to get back into position and on target.
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humm...I don't think as mentioned that you'll be able to feed 5 from the Savage Box magazine. You'll need to figure out if the TPS detachable mag is viable for your budget.

A Tikka Master Sporter will hold 5 in .308. Maybe ask someone who has one and 6mmbr brass and see if it will fit. You could then rebarrel to 6br if it works.

Used these sell for $600-700 if you can wait. The stock is awesome so I doubt you'll need to upgrade. Mac Tilton sells triggers if you perfer a lighter one, but they are expensive.

I don't know how many the Detachable mag savages hold. But I think in the long run for your shooting the master Sporter would be a better fit.

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Is the TPS DMS available yet? I really just need 4 in the mag and 1 in chamber.
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Originally Posted by rhino

A Tikka Master Sporter will hold 5 in .308. Maybe ask someone who has one and 6mmbr brass and see if it will fit. You could then rebarrel to 6br if it works.

I'm building my 6BR on a Tikka Master Varminter in 22/250, have tried the 308 box and found that the rounds fed better from the 22/250 box.

Have only tried feeding dummy rounds upto 85 grains and they fed fine, havn't tried any of the VLD projectiles yet.

Master Sporter stock is awsome but they might be hard to find as everyone I know with one won't sell it.


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