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Tried them in the lands (.025") and out (.080") can't get good elevation at 600 yds.
26" Krieger-1in8"bbl., Lapua brass, Wolf mag. primers, 29.5gr. Varget. Any pet loads with these components?
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If you are not showing pressure do a ladder test at 600 yards increasing your charge by .3 grain increments. Try them .010-.015 in. I would guess you are on the light side but work up looking for pressure signs.

Good Luck,
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I obtained good results from 30.6 Varget in a Savage 12F 30", all the same components. Note that I used the Wolf KVB-5.56M, not the KVB-223M.

OAL: 2.370 (-.010)
Vel: 2916 average @ 15ft.
ES: 11
SD: 4.6

5X 5-shot groups average at 300 yards: 1.106
Horizontal dispersion was twice vertical on a windy range.

Shoot some 10-shot series over a chronograph. You should see ES less than 20. If not, consider the following factors.

Seating depth - sounds like you backed off too much. Bergers like a jump, but no more than .015 in my rifle.

As Dallas noted, the load sounds light. You will likely see better ES near max pressure. Please be careful. This is a small cartridge and the difference between safe and dangerous are small as well.

Neck tension - try different bushing diameters if using neck-sizing dies. My brass is neck-turned to .013 wall and sized .266. That gives me ~.003 tension.

Number of reloads - the necks may be work-hardening. I anneal every three firings or neck tension gets too variable.

Last, I got overall better accuracy, consistency and velocity from Sierra 107s over Alliant RL17. YMMV
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I didn't find the right Varget load for my 6mm BR with the 105VLD until I did a ladder test that started very low and worked up to max. For whatever reasons, some guns will not shoot 30gr of Varget well. Mine has a vertical accuracy node at between 29.3 and 29.5 with the Bergers seated .010-.015 using BR-4 primers. My best performance is with about 30gr of N540 and CCI450 primers but I only found that with a long ladder test also. My 6mm barrel is a 31 inch 1:8 Krieger. If the load shoots well at 300 but opens up at 600, you might want to consider meplat trimming and pointing your bullets. Those helped my long range vertical a lot. If ES and SD won't come down, annealing might also help. Also, check the runout in your loaded rounds. I have had problems with concentricity even with turned necks and custom dies. It can have a noticable effect on both MV and vertical after the bullet leaves the gun.
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My "Go to" Varget load for the Berger 105 VLD is 30.5 grains of Varget (weigh every charge) neck turned Lapua brass for a .269 chamber, CCI 450 primers, seated .013 into the lands. Velocity is 2940 with an E.S. of 7 fps.
That's in a 28 inch Kreiger HV 1 in 8 twist.

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Those vlds can be a little pesky sometimes. I have a 6br that will only shoot well with a soft jam. It will absolutely not shoot outside of +/- .003 window. I have to let the bullet out a couple thou. to keep up with the throat.
Come to think of it, I load my dasher the same.
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I tried the Varget with DECENT success BUT, someone suggested I lose the Sierra's and try the Lapuas and while i'm at it try the Re 15. WOW, what a difference, they're more consistant, they group better and they are very predictable.
29.7 - 29/9 of the RE 15 pushing 105 Lapua's


Now I'm gonna experiment with the RE 17
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