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Hi Bob,

I will let you know as soon as I recieve the die. Along with the growing market for the dies, there is a wish among many of us for brass that has a little longer neck. The BRX cartridge is the perfect choice for X-course. It has supernatural accuracy, long barrel life and superb long range ballistics.I am currently putting together a tube gun for X-course in the BRX.

I shot a 199-12X at 600yds in Coalinga 2 wks ago with my BRX prone gun with irons.

If you would contact me by email at , I would like to discuss with you some ideas about bullets.

Scott Parker
Bakersfield, CA
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Hi all i was deciding what to chamber my last rifle for and the two choices wer 6mm Dasher or 6mm BRX i went with the 6mm Dasher as bushing dies are available from Redding as semi custom they keep them in stock i cant see the point of using a neck die then a body die and then another modified body die if the shoulder and base dimentions are the same then the angle on the side of the case must be different if it is tsreached 100 thou. Even though this might be nit picking i would rather a body die or a Type s full length die as i am usnig.

If Redding made a BRX die and not a Dasher die i would have chambered my rifle for it as i believe they are just as accurate as each other. JMHO

Cheers Bill
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Bob said: BTW--At the 2005 F-Class Nationals held in Oak Ridge Tenn. a new world record for f-class was set with a 6mm.BRX. (150 with an X-Count of 27 or 28. @ 1,000yds.) I don't have the shooter's name in front of me at this time---

Bob, I wish it had been 27 or 28, and it could have been, but I wasn't paying attention to point of impact gradually dropping and my 24th shot just leaked out the bottom, leaving me with 23 x's for the record.

I get a little pressure (very slight primer flash) with 107 SMK's at 3025, but shoulder bumping every time (with Redding body die raised in press) after 4th-5th reload takes care of potential sticking. After 20 reloads, am seeing about .0005" swell at base of web.

Frank Beckmann

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Recieved my 6BRX die on Friday from Hornady. Average runout for 65 rounds was .0004". All 65 rnds went less than .001".

Scott Parker
Bakersfield CA
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Originally Posted by sparker
Recieved my 6BRX die on Friday from Hornady. Average runout for 65 rounds was .0004". All 65 rnds went less than .001".

Scott Parker
Bakersfield CA


Sounds good. What was purchase price? And how much for shipping?

What was turn-around time for you?

Was there a print number other folks can reference for future use or will Hornady only work off fired cases.

Did you have the neck diam. set to size your neck or will you do that with bushings?
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The die was $75 I think. The turn around time was about a month. They have a copy of my reamer print. They also used my fired cases. The Gentleman's name is Lonnie Hummel. The die sizes the brass .001" at the base, .0015" at the shoulder and bumps the shoulder .002". I now have a one die process that is perhaps as close to perfect as avaiable.

Scott Parker

Bakersfield CA
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Does the die itself bring in the neck or do you do that with bushings?

I agree that the one-die solution is elegant and effective. $75 sounds like a steal if it proves to work well.
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Just one die sizes base, shoulder and neck.

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