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Caver writes:

I was told to look carefully at the 243 WSSM as a faster, flatter alternative to the 6BR. Any comments, pro or con would be appreciated.
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1000yd Editor writes:

Thick nasty brass--only available from Winchester. super high pressure and bolt thrust because there is no body to grab the chamber wall. lots more powder for similar performance(to the 6br). 1/2 the barrel life.

just MHO of course
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Caver writes:

From what I can find the 6mmBR has lower velocity figures then the 243 Win as well as the 243 WSSM. Are the figures that are posted on this site considered hot loads with reduced barrel life or do I have the wrong information.
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dmoran writes:

Barrel life can be based on Velocity, no matter what the caliber. Heavy bullets verses light bullets make a difference also. As does powder burn rates.

If you want great barrel life, I recommend keeping your caliber / bullet combination below 3250-fps. For even more barrel life, use 2850-fps for a max..

This table is my own findings and estimations:
[6mm vs .243 Barrel Life Table ]

Velocity -- Rounds per Accuracy Barrel life

3700 + -- 800 Rounds
3400 to 3700 -- 1200 Rounds
3200 to 3400 -- 1600 Rounds
2850 to 3200 -- + 2000 Rounds
below 2850 -- + 2500 Rounds
[These would be my estimations for Match type accuracy]
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mikecr writes:

I know it's an opposing view, but I gotta give it.
Barrel life is powder and pressure to bore area.
-A 6ppc loaded with 25gr of powder, pushing a 68gr berger@3250fps, easily offers 5000+ accurate rounds.
-A 6wssm loaded with 48gr of powder, pushing a 115gr berger@3250fps, will get maybe 1200 accurate rounds.

I have measured hundreds of winchester wssm brass, as well as Lapua 6br. I find that although thick as hell, the wssm brass is as consistant in weight and thickness variance as my Lapua 6br. For reference, both are considerably better than my measured 6xc(latest batch).

A 6wssm has alot more case area than a 6br to grab the chamber walls with. If more bolt thrust, it would be due to internal area at the base for the force to act on. In any case, it's no more than one of the many magnums out there. Sure, it takes a healthy pressure to get a quick seal. But no more pressure than commonly loaded 6br pressures.

I think the 243wssm would suck for benchrest shooting. But only due to it's short barrel life. Loaded correctly though, for HUNTING, it should be as good or better than many other offerings in 6mm.
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dmoran writes:

I have some throat erosion(Leade) data from my barrels.
Here is Leade Advancement Data from 3 of my barrels.

- 10/15/2004 - -Leade Advancement-
6-Dasher / Shilen 8-Twist / .009" over 353-Rounds
6-PPC / Shilen 14-Twist / .007" over 345-Rounds
.243-SC / Krieger 12-Twist / .016" over 428-Rounds

The 6-Dasher was with 105gr VLD bullets at 2950 to 3050f/s
The 6 PPC was with 67gr Bishops at 3250 to 3350f/s
The .243-SC was with 70 to 85gr bullets at 3500 to 3750f/s

In 100/200BR application, most PPC barrel life you hear about is under 1800-rounds of match type accuracy.
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1000yd Editor writes:

Thicker brass would be harder to expand and seal the chamber right??

DM--nice numbers on hte leade adv!
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Mntngoat writes:

Thanks for the info.
Very nice. So according to these figures my 17PPC pushing 25 grain bullets at 4,300 FPS should get burned out very quickly?
I expect that but intend to have lots of fun doing so.
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dmoran writes:

A 17-PPC.....Interesting !!!!
[bet that would be a lot of fun]

Ya! that one will be hard on barrels, but as you stated, you new that! I do the same with a .243....Barrel Wrecking!!!

The upside to the 17PPC, would be for the money you save on powder, you can afford a new barrels sooner.

Question: How much powder do you load the 17PPC with?

Note: Consider going with powders that have a low BTU/lb. This would help barrel life. Vihta-Vuori single based powders are good for barrel life. Double-based powders are usually some of the worse.
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Mntngoat writes:

The 17 PPC was built on a Ruger #1 action with a Lilja #5 contour barrel and uses about 27 grains of powder and the VV powders are great in it. -- Michael
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dmoran writes:
To Mntgoat,

Very Interesting!!!!
What bullets do you use in it? and what Twist rate?
[I want to run some ballistics and check out the 17PPC more]

Thanks....Happy Shooting
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