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Would it be possible to sticky this thread to the top? The Dasher is becoming pretty popular and I find this thread useful myself.
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See attached QuickLoad PDF file for my latest Varmint load using the 75gr VMax. These things are DEADLY!!

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pdf 6D-75VMax-H4895.pdf (32.81 KB, 386 views)

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Here is what I worked up so far. No signs of pressure.

33.3Gr Varget
Lapua Brass
Berger 105 VLD Hunting version OAL: Zero
Average speed: 3001 fps

33.0gr Varget
Lapua Brass
Berger 105 VLD Hunting. OAL: Jam .010"
Average Speed: 2968 fps
Consistent ones with this load @ 100 yds.

Bartlein 1:8 26" LV barrel
Panda Action
Shehane Stock

I'm still working on loads. I've worked with some R15, but my Dasher seems to prefer Varget.
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Here is my 100 yard load i have shot some great groups with. 33.0gr Varget 95 sierra hpbt set 5thou in lands, federal 205match primer. Groups in the 2's at 100. my rifle is a stiller action Brux 8.5 twist. I have been working with some 105 bergers with some good results. RE15 32.2gr soft set in lands Fed 205M primer 1.717 5 shot group at 500 yards. I am tweaking this load a bit as i had to much vertical. I am going to jump the berger 5 thou and use CCI 450's. I may even bump the powder charge a couple tenths. velocity around 3100. The velocity for the 95 sierras was around 3180 i think? I will double check this evening. Still playing around with other loads, and it seems as if this rifle eats everything decently!! I really love the 6 dasher and think everyone should own one!! Lee
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Well, you certainly got a lot of load development work done in 5 days. I envy you.
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I'm surprised that you got 205s to work. I tried 205Ms in my 32 gr. Varget with a 105 gr. A-max load and they were all Very close to blanking in my Dasher. One did finally blank but without any ill efffects. No other pressure signs or indications otherwise. I bought a couple thou of them and they won't work. This rifle does such strange things with 205Ms and CCI 400s. The 400s are between blanking and having a very deep impression like firing on a once-fired primer. I checked the firing pin to hole clearance and it was very close. .001" uning a guage pin and mic. Once I switched to CCI 450s all of the strange indications went away. Both of the other primers gave decent accuracy but I didn't want to deal with the issues. Now my only problem is that I have 600 450s left to make it through this 1000 yd season. Right now I'm shooting 32.5 gr. of Varget and a 105 A-max lit off by 450s. This load holds vertical better than anything I've owned or shot at 1000 and I'm kicking myself for having waited so long to build one. The rifle is built on a BAT SV dual port with a 28" .237" bore Bartlein chamber with .272" no-turn neck. I epoxied the barrel into a block that I built. Once I get it painted maybe I'll post some pics.
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My testings with fed 205M was simply because i didnt have any CCI450 yet. I have some now and will use them exclusively. My extreme spread when way down into the single digits when switching from the fed to the cci primers. I think the CCI450 is the standard primer of choice for the dasher!! Lee
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Does any one have a OAL, for Fireforming (Jam The Bullet )
My Chamber Freebore is .104 Iam useing 105 Bergers and 105 amax.
Load and Shoot to Fireform.
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