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Hi Russ,

I have owned a 6x47swiss for two years, it is one of most accurate rifle I own (BAT 8.5 Richards 008 Thumb-hole Krieger 1:8 BBl)

I shoot Dtacs exclusively and it will group one hole every time if I do my bit, I have beaten many a 6.5x284 at long distance F Class (1000yrds) I use N560, sweet spot is around 2950-3000 it will go much higher but the Flashole suffers and the brass is so expensive it's not worth it.

We can get SM brass relatively easy (UK) I am on 4th or 5th firing with no sign of the brass suffering if you can get the Brass in the U.S I would not hesitate, out of the box it is the best brass I have purchased, I checked case neck runout on the batch I had and it averaged 1.5 thou or less!

I have a standard RCBS die (it may have been special order) and I am sure Redding make one as well.

Hope This helps


Gary Costello
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Thank you Mr Costello.

Yes that is very helpfull. N560 with the heavier 115 class bullets. So then I can deduct that the R22, H4831SC, N160 type powders with tHat Burn rate should work well in this case.

Im guessing R19, H4350, IMR 4007SSC, should work well with the 105 class bullets.

My next Question for those who have responded is what Freebore is everones chamber and what bullet are you using.

After the barrel Purchase I have to wait a couple months to get enough money together for the Reamer and Dies.

Thank you everyone for the posative Responses.

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Careful, the last poster is in the UK not the USA. Unless you have a military connection, and you do, then you will play the devil getting NEW unfired brass. If you have it on hand, it is second to none -- in fact it is the best. If you in fact have enough to justify a chambering, go for it.

Is the brass hard to get? Ruag (spelling) would not take a 250,00 count order for the USA -- right in their face at the Shot Show -- no interest at all until the brass got out of sight on price. Another group order in the $20,000 range put together by Corbin Shell died in a pile because of custom problems, etc.

Keep us posted on your great project!

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You have a PM. Been working too much, and got behind on reading the forums...

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As of right now I have 200peices of the most beutiful brass you have ever seen. I just made a deal with MQ for another 200 pending the delivery.
I think that is enough to work with for awhile. If not I can always cut the threads off the barrel and chamber it in 6BR or a 6 Dasher. I could also send the reamer in to gind it into something else if it does not work out. Lots of options. Too many even.

Ill keep everyone posted.

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I now have 400 peices of brass and have ordered a FL bushing Die from Redding. They had it on Hand!!!! Looking at the 6X47 Swiss Match and the 6.5X47Lapua I see they are very close in size.
Internal Volume to the Mouth is 46.5Gr H20. The Lapua necked down to 6mm was 47.4gr H20. I had read that the 6XC is 47gr H20.

So you can see they are all very close to one another as far as internal case capacity. Looking over the cases I think If I needed too ( and I dont) I could make this brass from 22-250 cases without too much trouble. Ill be investigating that once I get things put together.


I asume you were using your Swiss Match for FTO comps? What kind of sizing die have you been using? are you still shooting this rifle?

If you dont mind I would like to email you once I get things rolling to ask some basic Questions on your past experience with this specific cartridge.

Most importantly what is your freebore right now. Im leaning towards a .104 or slightly longer freebore for 105VLD's and 115VLDs

Russ T
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Any Ideas on Freebore from our 6XC or 6X47 Swiss Match owners.

Im stillleaning toward .104 freebore based off what Ihave measured with the RAUG 6X47SM brass I have.

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I am a sling shooter. Don't recall my FB but the 115 fits easily out of the boiler. Will look next trip to the shop. I shot it at 1K this last week and it easily holds 1/2' vertical and the drift is MUCH less than any other rifle I shoot at 1K. Checked my clock data and the DTAC is 3030 with my hot load and have no speed on the .3 grain reduced load that shoots lights out too. Just got 2K of the new DTACS with HBN and will switch over to them with one final test of the bare bullets to compare against.
Don't recall the brand of the FL dies I use...Forster likely. They were the least expensive of the 6x47 L that I researched. Just ground .5" off the bottom and used them to make the brass I headspaced with. Email me for more load info.
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