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Is there anyone on here that has one?
If so what are your likes and dislikes about the Swiss Match.

Russ T
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You can't get the brass unless it is pickup once fired. Many have tried, including myself, Corbin Shell, David Tooley, and once upon a time David Tubb. The big "R" is just hard to deal with and have no interest in importing the brass to the USA at a cost that anyone would be interested in paying.

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I built a SM because I could get a reamer for much less than new 6x47L. Ground the base down on a (much less expensive) 6x47 Lapua die, use Lapua brass and built a rifle that set a Nat record on second outing. The Hart 1-8 bbl humms at 3030'/s with 107SMK and the 115DTAC at 3040'/s is killer bee at 1K. Don't mess with anything but Lapua 6.5x47 brass, just not worth the effort. I love it.
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I bought some once fired 6x47 SM brass in the hopes of resizing it and using it in a my 6x47L. It didn't work.

The 200+ pieces of once fired Swiss Match brass that I purchased are certainly high quality, comparable to Lapua, but since they cannot be resized to fit in my significantly smaller 6x47L, it is useless to me.

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Thanks Guys.

I have 200 pieces of brass. I read that Redding makes dies for it and I just ordered a 1:7.8 barrel. I was suprised to see it has a Large rifle primer. for some reason i was thinking it had a small rifle primer but that is not the case.

Though I purchased this brass on a whim I will persue it.
MQ1 Ill buy what ever brass you have that has not been messed with if you want to get rid of it. I sure could use it. Drop me a PM if you want too.

If the dies are unobtainable from Redding Ill get another reamer made for A newlon Blank. and have a FL sizer made.

The brass I have is nice but my only complaint is that the carbon and gases that remained on the necks stained those nice long necks. Ill have to try to clean that up with a scotchbrite pad or something.

Should be a good project.

Russ T
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Russ, try a Krazy Kloth (Bruno's) I use it on my brass after every firing to clean the necks and it works great. All the carbon comes right off and there's no damage to the necks. Might as well order two of them or the shipping will be more than the product - you'll like it.
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Love those little gumball machine plastic balls with that Blue Krazy Kloth inside. Been using that for some time now.
It on the other hand did not clean the staining off. which is very suprising since it is very effective on everything else.

Kiff has Reamer print, Redding has the Die drawing, and A new Brux Barrel is on order.


Offer still stands to take that Brass of your hands.

Russ T
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Wow - Krazy Kloth failed, that's some tough staining! Maybe mineral spirits? I just hate the idea of abrasives on the neck, though 0000 steel wool wouldn't hurt anything...
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