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I found a range in my area where they shoot F-class, I've always wanted to give it a shot but I don't have a rifle for it. The only rifle I have is my model 12 savage in 22-250. I was thinking of getting it re-chambered and putting some money into it so that I could use it as my first F-class rifle next year. what do you guys think about the 6XC toped with a 115 DTAC? the one article I read said that you can order 1000 pieces of brass for $300 that doesn't sound to bad to me, Im not sure what the DTAC's cost but from what I have read there a pretty great bullet. Im not incredibly serious about shooting competitively (don't want to put a second mortgage on the house) but I have $2500 banked for the rifle. As far as optics go I have already ordered a night force for my 300 wsm, figured Id just use that scope. Id also use the rifle to shoot prarie dogs, I was already thinking of moving up to a 6mm for the dogs because the 22-250 drifts allot out there. just wondering what you guys think
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They shoot F class where I am 6br is good . Shoot 107 Sierra 30gr of varget in a 8twist barrel. You can buy a already made barrel and put it on yourself.
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I run an F-class league here in MN. I see every caliber being used from 223 Rem to 300 Win Mag. I have two 6XC rifles, one for XC, and the other for F-class. It is an excellent cartidge, but I have limited experience with the DTAC 115's. The only loading I did with them produced virtually one hole groups with match sights off the bags at 100 yds. but I have not had time to play with them anymore. I used 107 Sierras which shot well also.

Any large based caliber will work for you with your existing rifle bolt, but I suggest you also consider a couple others. 6BR is awesome, very accurate, and easy to reload for. It also makes a great PD rifle. Don't overlook the lowly 308 Win either. The 308 may not be as glamorous as some of the new cartridges but it holds its own very well, and you would be in the F-T/R class which is a great class for more casual shooters to grow and learn. There are usually some "big guns" lurking in the open class. My last suggestion would be to purchase a AR-15 in 223 Rem. Everyone should have an AR. I have friends who regularly shoot 193 to 197 at 600 yds. with their RRA 1-8" flattops and $300 Supersnipers. Ammo is easy to make, components are available, and no recoil. These same rifles make awesome PD guns when not shooting F-class. You give up a little to the 6mm's in the wind, but I make up for that with fast followup shots and more economical ammo. $1200 for RRA flattop with 1-8" 24" barrel, (usually can be found for less), a Sinclair F-class bi-pod for $200, and you have the scope already... What are you going to do with the remaining $1100?
Good Luck,

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