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I understand that 748 works very well with bullet weights up to 75 grain bullets in the 223 Rem but was curious if anybody had used it for Match 80 grain bullets? Re15 and Varget powder is in somewhat short supply hereabouts but there is lots of 748. I understand that 748 can be temperature sensitive but for the next few months I wouldn't have that problem. Thanks for any info you can supply. Steve
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Steveb: If you go to the 223 info page on this web sites home page, and scroll down to the "powders" section, I think you will find that 748 is not listed for any bullet weight. On the other hand, in the Lyman Reloading Manual, 21.8 is shown as a starting load, and 24.0 is maximum for the 80 gr. Just give it a try starting at or slightly above the starting load and work up. It may work fine in your rifle ( emphasis on the word "your"). I stopped using it a few years ago in my ARs', used in CMP & NRA Hi-Power matches because of the extreme carbon fouling--- the worst of any powder I've used, and as seen with my "Hawkeye". Since then I've been using Varget only and never looked back.
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I am using a bolt gun with a 28" barrel for 'F' class shooting with 80 grain A-Max and Bergers. Years ago I used 748 with 50 grain bullets by the ton for shooting gophers and it worked very well. I was using Re15 recently but both this and Varget have been in short supply lately and I was thinking of trying the 748 again until I can locate the others. Steve
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I've tried 748 with the 80 SMK, and results were not promising. The velocity ES was large, don't remember accuracy being good either. This was at a temp of 47 degrees F.
For me, Varget was better for the 80. Another powder you could look for is VV N540, though it's not easy to find a store that has it. It also had decent velocity consistency with the 80 SMK, for me. Sierra #5 has data for all 3 of these mentioned powders for the 80 Matchking. If you use their data, I would suggest backing down some due to the A-Max and Berger being longer and taking up more space, to see where you're at. I've noticed the Berger needs less powder to get the velocity than the SMK does.
Every rifle is different of course, so you may have different results.
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I haven't tried 748 behind the heavies; like you I've found it to give good accuracy behind 50-55gr bullets. I shoot some NRA HP and the conventional wisdom there seems to be 748 works great behind a 69gr bullet, if a bit temp. sensitive. Once in a great while I'll see someone mention they tried 748 behind heavier bullets, but you just don't see it very often at all. Same goes for H335. TAC seems to get more use under heavy bullets than either of the others. A few people have mentioned using Benchmark, but its down in that same (faster) burn range so I don't know how well that will work out in the long run.

Some other options that people use with success: AA2460(another ball powder), N140, & H4895.

Me, I use Varget or RE-15. Just have to lay in a supply - between the buying rush after the election and the start of the competitive season coming up... it probably is pretty scarce, but worth it.

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I did use it years ago, but better choices are available. It allowed me to shoot 200-16x and 200-18x in one weekend at 500 yards with a Krieger barreled AR15 Service Rifle.

Sierra has old data for it, usually just under 24gr if I remember right. I still have it, email me if you need that information,
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For an alternate powder IMR 4064 gave me good accuracy with 80 gr. Sierras H4895 shoots good with 75 gr. hornadys but I have not tried it with 80's as I have a good supply of varget left. I have only used 748 with lighter bullets. With a 52gr. it shoots great which you probably already know.
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I just came back from a match shooting 80 A-Max with Varget. Yesterday, I tried an OCW test and the indications that 24.0 and 24.4 were excellent loads. Sierra's accuracy load is 24.4 and it does shoot extremely well but the barrel is more stable from 23.8 through 24.2 even though the group sizes on either side of 24.0 are a bit bigger. Both 24.0 and 24.4 gave the same group sizes. What do you use for charges with Varget. Thanks
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