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Along with the other thread asking for the best bullet weight for the 260 Rem, I am curious what people are finding as the best powders for the 260 Rem with the 120-130 gr bullet weights.

I am thinking something in the rate like N150 but I am curious to hear what people are finding that works well and provides consistent accuracy (not just a great 5 shot groupe here and there). I have a wildcat 6.5 mm cartridge I am working with that is of similar case capacity to the 260 Rem and I am trying to get a handle on what might work the best powder wise with the 120-130 gr bullets.

Robert Whitley
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rcw3,I've never shot 120-130 out of my .260 rem. But 140 a-maxes loaded with 49 grs. of H1000 shoot verywell out to 600 yards. My 200 yard 5 shot groups were sub-1 inch. Hope this may help you.I believe my buddy was shooting lapua's in his .260 and he was using H1000 also and they shot just as well.
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When I was shooting a 6.5-08 for XTC, I'd looked through a lot of posts on the old Florida HP forum and other places. H4350 behind a 120gr SMK worked really well for 200/300, and I had been running RE-19 behind a 123 Scenar - shot really well, but my loads that were okay in April started beating up the brass pretty bad come July/August.

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I used to shoot 140s in my 260s with Varget but have gone to nothing but 123 Lapuas now. I love this bullet in the 260s. I have shot it out to 1300yds.

When I went to the 123s it was like having my 6.5x284 back again. I could nearly use the same data as my 6.5x284 with my 260 shooting the 123s.

I found the H4350 to work the best with the 123s in my rilfe. It has a very low ES an SD with 43.5grs an a Lapua case. I use 44grs with a WW case.

This load out of my tactiacl rifle shoots consistantly in the .4s with both the WW brass and the Lapua brass. It will shoot .5MOA all the way to 800yds if I do my part. I have shot it only a time or two at 1000yds so I can't really say how well it will do on a consistant basis. I do a lot of shooting from 400 to 800yds.

I have some R17 loaded up to try with the 123s but have not had a decent day to get out and try it yet.

(My 43.5grs or H4350 nets me 2975 across the cronograph.)
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Thanks! Great info - exactly what I was looking for.

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Glad I could help you for once!!! You have really been a great help to me over the past couple of years.

If your intrested I will let you know how the R17 shoots with the 123s when I get a chance to get out to shoot them. It looks like rain an wind again this weekend though.
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I built my first 260 back in the late 90's. Its a sporter and it took a lot of work to get it to shoot like I thought it ought to. The load is a stout dose of N550 in Remington brass with Remington primers behind a nosler 120 Gr ballistic tip. I say "stout" because it is a heavier load than I can find published now. Sierra faxed me the data back before there was data published.

I also have a 260 with a varmint weight barrel. It shoots most everything pretty good. Go to load is 44.0 H4350 in 243 Lapua brass, fed match primer behind the same Nos 120 Gr. Really accurate.

Hope this helps.
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Just an update. I tried out your load in a 30" Bartlein 1:8.5" twist barrel and it was very consistent and accurate. My Load was with 43.5 gr of H4350 with Russian Primers and Lapua 123's .012" in the lands. Accuracy was excellent and my velocity is a bit more (Mean Velocity 3026, ES 19 and SD 6 for a 5 shot string across the chrono). I may drop it back a little just to guarantee consistency and tight knot accuracy. I had some ammo loaded up with 44.2 gr of H44350 and that was accurate as well but not quite as tight as the 43.5 gr which leads me to believe the heavier loading is on the way out of the sweet spot.

Robert Whitley
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