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Clark posted "My Grizz lathe is such a pile, that it seemed like it said, "Here is some cast iron, you make a lathe out of it."

But there was so much material erroneously removed from the crossfeed and compound ways, there was no way to fix them, and the base had huge gaps in the casting that was filled with bondo and spray painted over to match.


Clark - In all fairness, the machine you bought in 2000 for $299.95 is literally a toy and was discontinued almost 10 years ago. We sell over 20 different models of lathes starting at around $500.00 all the way up to $35,000. Certainly, you cannot lump them all into one category.

We hear all kinds of comments like "I have a friend.....", but in reality they are simply repeating rumors that can be very damaging.

We have sold hundreds of our gunsmithing lathes and have a very good reputation for them. Just go over to Benchrest Central and do a search on Gunsmith lathes. We use US made Timken bearings and high precision hardened and ground gears on the gunsmith lathes. I have the G0509G lathe at my house and I can have any lathe we carry costing three times its price. She (G0509G) may not be the prettiest girl in school, but boy, can she make love!

We have just introduced a Taiwan made lathe which also has the outboard spider on it for gunsmithing. This one has all the bells and whistles, nice castings, CSS function, 2 1/16" spindle bore etc.. Costs a little more than the other lathes, but a very nicely made lathe. Long through the headstock, though.

I was scheduled to take that one home, but the G0509G is so accurate and vibration free that I don't want to mess with it.

Shiraz Balolia.

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I purchased the Grizzly G4003G a little over a year ago and have had no problems with the lathe. The one problem I did have was the bearings on the steady rest and that was taken care of.
When I changed oil in the gear box I was very pleasantly surprised to find the Timken bearings on the headstock (as Shiraz just posted).

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Excuse me, but ANY recalled story is coming from the horses mouth. I have worked on my friends lathe many times and have been quite happy with the overall unit. That does not change the fact he is waiting for his 4th motor, since the 3rd burned out. While you may like to think that this is a "stupid rumor that can be very damaging", this is the truth. If you don't believe me I'd be happy to give you his name, address, phone number, and you can ask him yourself. Heck you want to find out, I'll even leave the model number (G9731), and feel free to do a little reasearch for yourself.
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Looking for a decent lathe check out the GMC brand at their website...A local gunsmith/friend bought one 14x40, and it is VERY impressive in the quality of casting and finish...I have worked with Clausing, Colchester, Leblonde, and opinion of the GMC is WOW for the price..
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Redneck - I will not get into a public pissing match with you, but your information is wrong. I DID check, and your buddy has never bought the G9731 from us!
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So you sold me a pile of crap?
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Wow, this is getting petty. Say what you want about Grizzly, but a their Chinese lathes are as good as anyones and the fact that they have some gunsmith specific lathes is a big plus for most of us. What they do have that many places don't have is a big inventory of parts and good customer service.

I have yet to buy a lathe from them but I have purchased 3 bandsaws and several other machine tools and all were as advertised. None of the motors on my bandsaws have quit yet and I have pushed them pretty hard re-sawing ironwood.

I have NEVER seen a pretty Chinese lathe. Maybe they exist, but I haven't seen one yet and I look around a lot.

Their cheap lathes, are well, cheap lathes. They appeal to those who have a certain budget and otherwise wouldn't be able to buy a new lathe.

Too many of us have a classical case of champagne taste and beer budget!

If you spend $299 on a new lathe- you got what you paid for. If you are running a production shop, get a heavy lathe with a heavy duty motor and it will probably hold up-it will cost a king's ransom new however.

This thread got out of hand quickly!!!
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This thread got out of hand quickly!!!

I disagree.

This is a thread about Asian lathes.

The deal with Asian lathes, is that they are affordable, but have lower quality.

The main choice is between an old American worn out lathe with hard go find parts and or cheap piece of Chinese junk.

Those are not good choices, but If you have less than the cost of a new car to spend on a lathe to put in your garage, those are the only two choices you have.

A guy only buys a few lathes in his life, and so he is going to have to rely on public mythology, not personal experience.

There are 100 other gun forums besides this one that have a gunsmith section, where some posters can discuss Asian brands vs old used American brands. But the big forum is on newsgroups: rec.crafts.metalworking.

On that forum, stored by Google archives, there are thousands of posts that discuss Asian lathes.

Take a few hours and read a few hundred of the posts on lathes over the last 15 years:
1) Go to Google
2) click on more
3) click on groups
4) click on advanced group search
5) type in "rec.crafts.metalworking" in the group box
6) type in "lathe" in the subject box
7) click on sort by "date"

You will be better able to establish things to look for in a used lathe and Asian brands to avoid.

You can also do a search the 25,000 posts here, but you will find out the same things:
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