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Not trying to keep this going , but my comment ((--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Don't think a Enco is any better either.
Art ))

Is not a slam on Grizzly, if I was going to buy another lathe it would probley be their Gunsmith lathe.
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Clark- I tried to follow your google groups bashing, but I wasn't able to find anything bad about Grizzly in the search I did. Sure, Grizzly imports some real cheap stuff that many of us would call junk. My neighbor just bought a mill/lathe combo and it doesn't even have quick change gears. I'm not sure what he intended to do with it, but he said he didn't realize it didn't have them when he ordered it. I'm sure it was pretty cheap.

The bigger Gunsmith lathe I looked at didn't look like a piece of junk to me. It doesn't have a Pratt&Burnerd chuck nor a Baldor motor, but it does have good bearings and will hold good tolerances. It's not advertised as a job shop lathe. I think it is nipping on the heals of the Taiwanese stuff. The Chinese are catching up with the rest of the imports from what I can see.
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On the topic of lathe don't buy a chinese lathe of any type there pretty much junk. On the other hand Taiwan lathes are much higher quality, you pay for what you get.Purchase a high precision heavy duty machine if you can afford it,the heavier machines last longer, run smoother and don't vibrate and also hold tolerances longer.If your going to do precision gunsmithing buy a good machine. Look at it as a investment if later on you decide to sell it and you take care of it you should recoupe alot of your investment. If you buy a $3500.00 chinese lathe you do good to get $1000.00 10 yrs later and it will probably so signs of heavy wear ,But if your on a low budget and are planning on doing general Gunsmithing not high precision work a cheaper lathe will work but buy taiwan and alway purchase machines with meehanite castings its a finer grain casting that wear and look much better .Most machine with meehanite casting have a big M casted in them I've never seen chinese machines with meehanite castings.Grizzly has some good taiwan made meehanite machines it,s not going to be their cheapest machine ,but it will be there best, Also Eisen Machinery imports some great taiwan machine that are very high quality. I hope this might of helped, choose taiwan with meehanite you won,t be sorry. Scott
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If you are interested in a Taiwan made lathe, you might take a look at the Kent TRL or RML series of lathes. The TRL and RML's are made in Taiwan. Their KLS series is made in China. I have a TRL-1340V which is their frequency drive model and have been using it for three or four years. It works well and is capable of doing quality work. It came with a Baldor motor and is a smooth running lathe.
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