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I'm new to this reloading thing and was wondering which brass is better the Remington or the Winchester brass? What are the pros & cons between the two? I will be loading .223 & 22-250. What other brands might you guys suggest?
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This is just an experriance with a certain dealer.I just recently purchased 22-250 Remington brass ( all bulk) from two locations.One lot of 200 was from Lock Stock & Barrel and the other lot from Cabela's. The lot from Lock Stock came in two baggies of 100ea. and was the worst brass I have ever seen and not advertised as anything but new Remington brass. Stay far away from them is my advise.The Cabela's brass ( which was cheaper) came in sealed Remington bags and is very nice brass.
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E-mail me I'll send u a small assortment...various brands...You can decide for yourself...Over the years I've used more Rem brand brass & get decent life from it...I've had problems split necks & or too soft or too hard with the other brands...After you get to know what to look & measure for.. you will be able to sort out the best cases from each bag & only use those when trying to shoot your best groups...The 22-250 was one of my favorite cartridges but lack of Lapua match grade brass leaves me to use other cartridges today..That said I've shot some nice under 1/2 inch groups & some one holers using remington brass..mike in ct
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Well, the best brass is Lapua in my opinion, but again you pay for that quality. I've had real good luck reloading Prvi Partizan .223 brass which you can buy pretty cheap from It's annealed and for the price is a good deal. Here's the link|282|811

As to the orgional question, I'll take Winchester over Remington because it's harder brass and seems to last longer.

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Here is my experience, feel free to laugh.
I have a plain old 25-06 hunting rifle that shoots 3/4 inch with brass out the bag. I have always used R.P. branded brass. When stretch marks became clear on the brass I went to my store and asked for a bag of R.P, went home made ten rounds and went off to check zero. First 3 rounds bang on the money, next round rattled my shoulder, vented out the bolt and spat the primer out. A closer inspection revealed.... bag of brass had 10% Win brass in it and boy was there a difference in pressure.
I've been reloading for years, hunting, comp' and benchrest, but you can bet your dollar I will take nothing for granted again.
The store keeper shrugged his shoulders and said, "that's not our problem we buy our brass pre-bagged."
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In MHO #1 Lapua #2 Winchester! I will no longer use any RP brass unless absolutely nothing else is available. RP brass has caused me problems in the past being to soft for upper end loads and again very recently. Never had any problems with Winchester or Lapua of course.
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For my 22-250 I like the nosler brass from Cabela's. $34.99 per 50 and I have loaded them 6 or 7 times.
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After a 4 year hiatus, got back in to the 22-250 "business", and picked up a factory sealed bag of 100 Winchester brass ( lot# 2BD10) at a local Gander Mtn. ( most places were "out of stock"). The high quality has surprised me: very uniform neck wall thickness, perfectly centered primer flash holes, and after the first firing, loaded bullet runout is averaging around .002". Also found Nosler, bought several years ago when it first became available, to be very high quality. For my 223 bolt guns, Lapua is easily the first choice, Winchester and Lake City for the ARs. Overall, have not had good results with the "Big Green".
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