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I would like to know if anyone has used Ultra bore coat ? It is supposed to be a ceramic like self applied bore coating that reduces fouling. Thanks Hetzer88
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This is my opinion and nothing more...STAY AWAY from ceramic coatings in the bore. Ceramic is an insulator, trapping heat in your barrel isnt considered prudent since it is one of the main causes of metal/throat degredation.

Here is a comment I found on another site.

Ceramics particles will retain the heat inside your barrel and keep it from dissipating into the metal - cooking your rounds. Ceramics suffer from thermal expansion and stress fractures, and embedded particles will swell - causing a cavity that releases the particle upon cooling, making the inside of your barrel look like the surface of the moon. Those crater rims will be case hardened and razor sharp eventually causing copper build up, pressure spikes, and degredation of accuracy.

Nano Lube is different animal from this Otis LifeLiner

Hope this was helpfull

Scout1 / Jon Hetzler pretty darn close
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It is either crushed ceramic in a lube,NOT GOOD, or they can claim a ceramic coating. Ceramic has to be done under very high heat. Won't work on a barre.
Snake oil.
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I have actually used the ultra bore treatment. had a custom 30-06 treated by "Fit4Duty" 5 yrs. ago, at that time it was called "micro-slick". it's a hunting rifle, & I shoot Barnes 165gr. TSX's in it. It definitely cleans up better than before treatment.

I did three other of my varmint rifles, 223, 22-250, & 6mm. after 200 to 400 rds in each of them, can't tell any decrease in accuracy, but my rifles are varmint, & hunting, not BR.

don't know about the comments from the other posters, have they actually used the bore coat, but my rifles , really cleans up fast, even after I run 30 to 60 rds. down the barrel. use some wipe out, & a few patches , & it's clean.

I'm not a "tech" person", so the comments from the other posters may be right.

just know my barrels clean up a lot better than they did before I treated them, but as I said, mine are hunting, & varmint rifles.

my take on a lot of things like this are " opinions are like "butt holes", every one has one.

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Used this product on a muzzleloader to reduce fouling and make clean up easier, per their claims. Shoot more, clean less.

It did neither for me.
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