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I know that most people post about new guns or loads. My question is about a quality scope for my new .204. I think that I want a Leupold 6.5x20 Varminter reticle 30mm tube x 40 or 50 I am having a hard time finding out reliable info on scopes. This site has given me great info on all of my firearm question so I thought I would try my scope questions. I am looking for enough scope to pinpoint a crow (I have crow problems on my land) at 250 to 300 yds with out the cross hairs covering up the animal. Help please.
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hello,just get a good target scope.the reticle is very fine.i would go with a cross and not a dot.
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Remmy31-you definately are on the right track with a variable and the leupolds. Depending on your eyes, either a 4.5x14 or 6.5x20 w/fine xhair duplex should give you the ability to "quarter" a crow @150-250yds.Steve-share your sport
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Nothing wrong with a Leupold. They're not the best optic on the market but better usually costs a lot more.
Another brand to look into is Sightron. Relatively new to the market but by most accounts getting excellent reviews.

Cry once,buy once. I have a drawer full of "money savers" that did'nt live up to my expectations. An expensive lesson to learn.
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For the use stated...I would stick with 40 mm, 1 inch tube with a fine dot or fine crosshair. The 204 is flat enough at those ranges to not need the Varminter reticle.
Remember: Keep It Simple Stupid....(no offense intended)
As long as Leupold maintains their excellent customer service, they'll have my business.
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NEVER Wrong with a Burris Signature Select 6-24X-44mm scope. This is the only scope I've found to date, that allows my shooting EYE, after Cataract surgery to simply hit the 10x ring with extreme reguarity. I've burned through five lesser scopes to date attempting to READ my target at 100 yards. Old age sucks, but Burris came to my aid at $565. New eyes cost much, much more. Berger 55 grain Varmint bullets seem to add to my pleasure of bringing me back into the accuracy game. At 67 years of age old eyes, I feel back into the accuracy game. cliffy
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Have lately been using a newer Nikon Monarch Variable to 32 power with a 50mm objective. Yes Nikon glass is Very Very good (nice and bright), and this is a very comfortable scope with plenty of eye relief and not critical to head postion. It is a side focus, and also has an adjustable paralax. Nice price at $600 at Mid South.
I also have the popular Weaver 36T which does not compair at all.
It has the "Nikoplex" cross hairs, which I like. Thick on the outside/ thin where they cross.....very nice. I have not seen a mid price scope that compares
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Remmington31 if you decide you want a Leupold I may have what your looking for. 6.5-20x40 Vari-X3, 1 inch tube, stoney point target turrets, silver in color, fine cross hair. It's in excellant shape. 400.00 plus shipping ,if you are interested send me a message.
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