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At first I was wanting a 6mm Dasher, but problems arise seating 75 grain projectiles to the lands. Not enough neck! How do you believe 87 V-max would go?

To combat this issue I was thinking of a switch barrel rifle.

What calibres are best used? 6mmBr/243 AI or 6mmBr/6.5-284?

What action is best suited to a switch barrel rifle, ie is one action make better suited to running two different barrels? What action configuration is best? I was going to use a Stiller Viper (which would work for 6mmBr/243AI) but unable to be used with the 6.5-284 combination! Does anyone know if the 243AI will work in the drop port?

Also, what is involved with changing barrels? I understand bolt, tensioning of the replaced barrel! What are the downside to switch barrel rifles, accuracy?

Stock to be used is a Shehane Tracker thumbhole and barrel lengths would be 28" Max. HV!

Thank you

Ackley Improved

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seating in the land is a throat lenght problem not a neck lenght

as switch barrel action nomaly short action ( 308 size allow to chamber but not to eject live round ( same as 40 X in mag caliber ) that not really a problem

a switch action can be done with most of the current action as soon as all surafce are square and thread is right cut , you just need to get a big shoulder barrel enought to avoid any smashing receiver face/barrel face when you torque

as nice 6 mm the 243 AI ( Lapua body with parallel throat ( not the reaguler signle taper winchester throat ) is very nice and well bamanecd in powder capacity / velocity/barrel life and 27/28 is just the right lenght

in 243 you can go in 0.275 neck -( just a little tighter than factory neck )
0.271 /0.272 that allow neck turning cleaning for removing hight spot on the neck

in switch barrel imp a sweet way is to order a spare barrel ( matched chamber ) to make fire forming and load dev as practice too as long range trajectory charts checking without burn the good top match barrel , some maker as PAC NOR , Shilen , Douglas sale regular basic quality witch are far better than any factory REMWIN barrel

good shooting

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Thanks for that DANTEC

Bit of dyslexia there... Brain to hand typing a little lost.. throat length and not neck length!!

That was my plan from the start to use another barrel to do the fireforming!

You think the 6mmBr standard/243AI a good combo for a switch barrel rifle?

Still, do you know if the Viper drop port action will work with a 243AI round?

With the 75g projectiles not seated in the lands in the Dasher, I'd suspect that the accuracy would still be good enough for varmints! Agreed???

This is my first real venture of into the smaller caliber land! My good old 300WM has served me well, and still does! I suspect that the 6mmBr is going to really open my eyes!


Ackley Improved
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On viper action as drop port

they soecify that that work only with BR case lenght so no real way of sucess with longer case

one very best action for any case lenght up to 6.5/284 is the Barnard , that strong , very well made and perfect for switch barrel and localy product for you

as spare barrel on your Stiller I will go with 6 BS with short throat ( the max imp you can make on 6 BR case )

good shooting

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Where can I find infomation on the 6BS? Are you saying that a standard 6mmbr/6BS switch barrel? Would be good with the Viper action, both would drop!

I have heard really good things about the barnard... but also heard that the are not really as good in benchrest than a dedicated benchrest action! Excellent in prone and F Class!

I may go with a left port Viper for the 6mmbr/243AI combination, since the drop port is no good with longer cases.

This rifle will mainly be used for 500 metre comps. Maybe the standard 6mmBr will do, but will the dasher give me an edge?


Ackley Improved
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that the link for pictures and infomations on BS 6 BR , that Bill Shedanne design to get maximum water capacity on 6 BR ( à la gibbs imp ..)

reamer are availbale from PPG but check throat lenght that design originaly for long bullet

Barnard are very good even for BR , receiver is very stiff and nothing wrong id you compare to a similar size body as 40 X clone , 3 lugs design is sweet to open and that make good strong solution for bench shooting ( not 100/200 PPC ) but ant thing on 6 BR up to 308 case and even 284 case

good shooting

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