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We have a lot of dedicated fans of the site and for that I'm very grateful. We now have about 20 commercial sponsors and the $50 each of them contribute monthly defrays most (but not all) of the regular overhead (server costs, software costs, phone bills etc.).

But I'd like to put in a renewed pitch for some user support. I put in over 30 hours per week on the site. Sometimes it's more like 50. Jason, Kory, Danny Reever and the Gun of the Week contributors put in a LOT of hours also. This is all on a volunteer basis. No one gets paid.

With mounting personal debt, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to dedicate so much time to the site, while going "out of pocket" for barrels, powder, reamers, dies etc. for testing. Attending the recent Shot Show was a pretty big expense.

We hope to undertake some more serious testing and that means additional expenses. Moreover we need to get some more software for the site, a scanner, and a dedicated video camera so we can provide video clips with upcoming articles.

We have had some very generous souls make donations to the site, but they represent maybe .1% of our user base. We currently log over 4000 visitors per day, and close to 120,000 visits per month.

It would make a huge difference in our ability to deliver new, quality content and update the site regularly if the level of reader support could increase. We have a simple donation system in place (just click the PayPal button at the bottom of the page). Donations don't have to be large. If a decent percentage of our audience kicked in the price of a cup of coffee now and then, that would really, really help. And remember that our classified ads are FREE. If you've successfully sold an item or two via our ads, consider donating a dollar or two.

I'm disinclined to say more because the last time I made a pitch for donations some folks responded "stop asking people for money--sell stuff instead." That is an option we are exploring, but you have to understand that, in many cases, our wholesale costs would be higher than the retail prices you might pay at MidSouth or MidwayUSA. That's just how things work. And every hour I spend packing boxes and taking orders is an hour taken away from my editorial responsibilities, which are pretty substantial.

Anyway, we've got some great new stories coming up, including a big interview with Jeff Cochran, 2005 US F-Class (Open) National Champion. Jason should have a lot of data coming soon on his new 6BR, and we have 22-250 and 6.5x55 Cartridge Guides in the works.

The good news is that site traffic is up 330% since last summer and we are continuing to grow. But resources are getting stretched thin, and that's where all of you can help. Many hands make light the work. All donations, even modest ones, really help.


Paul McM (Mr. Moderator)

If you don't want to use PayPal, you can make a check payable to "Jason Baney". Jason handles the direct donations for me. Please mail your check to:

Jason Baney
PO Box 308
Douglassville, PA 19518
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Dear Mr. Editor,
Thanks for the input. This is the one site that I visit everyday without fail. I will not make a purchasing decision without running buy the board members. At this very moment you boys are helping me make the RIGHT decision on which front rest to buy. I have saved so much money, buy buying the best item first, as advised on this site.

I realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch. I want this site to continue to be the best shooting site on the http://www.

I 05 and 06 I have sent in contributions unsolicited. I don't remember what I sent in on 05, but in 06 I know that I mailed Jason a check for $50.00. I don't mind paying to play.

What if every member contributed $20.00 a year.

When a new member joins, why don't we solicit an contribution at that time.

I do not want you and Jason to get burned out or come out of pocket for ANY expenses.

Reilly looking froward the Jeff Cochran article, I shot next to Jeff at the Nats. Great guy...What a Hammer!!!!!!

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Editor in Chief-- Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall seeing an address to which I can send a donation. Would you please post that address and a check will be forthcoming. I really enjoy the information I have gathered from this site and would like to help out with a donation. I don't use PayPal--sorry!!! Thanks.
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as easy way

why not add PAY PAL system and pay a little amount as 10 USD each year that allow to make 10 buck x XXXXX members , and 10 USD is closely nothing if compare the help provide by this website

good shooting

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second the paypal account idea.

"open it and they will come!""

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Paypal is owned by ebay and is extremely anti-gun.

They seized the accounts of two of the big vendors when they determined that gun parts were being paid for using the service. Note that they did not just close the accounts, THEY KEPT ALL THE VENDORS MONEY THAT WAS IN THE ACCOUNTS.
I understand the convenience, but we should not sacrifice our principals for the sake of convenience.

Check is ready to go upon posting of a mailing address.

Thanks Paul & !!!!!!


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Got any proof on that last post?

What you are suggesting amounts to nothing less than criminal theft.

Convince me it really happened.
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Originally Posted by Caduceus
Got any proof on that last post?

What you are suggesting amounts to nothing less than criminal theft.

Convince me it really happened.

Both vendors discussed it openly on the board there. It has been about 6 months shince it happened. Denny's Guns and JTAC. Denny didn't lose much as he had just moved the $$ out, but Jason (JTAC) took a decent hit, like $500 or so.

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