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Moderator, may I suggest a Position Match that we compete that is very successfully in getting novices and hunters to enjoy and joining shooting matches?

It is called 3x10-100meters (can be yards). It is a three position match (prone, standing and knelling or sitting), 10 shots each position on a ISSF Handgun Centerfire Duel Target (5 cm "X" and 10cms "10" with rings up to 5).

It is a pretty much simple match. The beauty of this is that only hunter style rifles are allowed (no adjustable cheekpiece, butplate, no potbelly stocks) with caliber up to .35.
No shooting coats, no slings.
It is the way trap and skeet shooting is done, only a light vest or normal clothing.

There are two categories: open sights/peep sights (no diopters) and scopes (no limits).

There is no weight limits as it is very hard to shoot prone without sling with a heavy gun (like a varmint rifle) plus scope and ammo.

The match are 10 minutes for free sights shots. And 10 minutes for each position with 5 minutes interval between changes. All shooters shots at the same time and same position.

By our experience, it is a very good novice and intermediate shooters match as it is very easy to make medium to good scores (about 240-265), but is very hard to make an excellent score (about 280-290).

I know it sounds easy to hit 30 times an almost 4 inches "10" at 110 yards (= 100 meters), but without sling, shooting coat etc., believe me, it is not.
In almost 10 years of this "3x10-100 meters Match", no one ever shot 300 points (in fact, the 290 points was never achieved...).
The target is cheap and easy to work (it is about 35 inches size), 100 yards (or meters) range is much more easy to find than 300 meters range.

Almost all rifles are very competitive, even the lever actions! Everyone can choose your favorite hunter rifle and be very competitive. The only accuracy "requirement" is that it must be able to shoot 10 shots in 4 inches at 100 yards.
It is a kind of shooting match that is easy, fun and teaches the fundamentals of accuracy position shooting.

We found this "3x10-100 meters Match", the perfect event where everyone can attend and it is a "easy to shoot" Position Match that is a reduced version of the ISSF Position Match.
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Has a part of the country been thought of as yet maybe in one of the Time Zones to try and make it most people to be able to make the match.
This does sound like a fun thing to do but also could be stressful at times.
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What ever happened to this idea?
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