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This one goes on sale at $180 tomorrow:

Anyone using this one? I was really interested in a Greatbench but like the pivoting design of this Stable Table.

OTOH, Greatbench looks like it would be more stable in the wind.

Looking forward to some feedback here.

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To answer my own question: I went and looked at it today. Liked the build quality, rigidity and design and bought it.

I'm sure there are better ones but this one will suffice for my needs.
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So where did you find the $180.00 pricing?
Thanks in advance
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The link took you to Cabelas. If you go to the home page, then select a retail store location you can scroll through the sale catalog and you will find it toward the end @ $180 at the stores. Maybe it's only a retail store price.
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Thanks for reply.
Yes it appears that it is their 48 something sale.
Only available in store.
Problem is my nearest store is 225 miles away.
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When you buy one of these things, you want to look at the stability, build quality, type of finish, ease of setup and take-down, whether or not mud and dirt will enter the ends of the legs, size and quality of the table, operation and design of the seat (is it padded enough for sitting on it for hours), plus the weight. If you plan to leave one in your truck, the weight is not as large a factor, but if you have a bad back and want to tote one around in the field, then the weight can be an issue. Then look at the price. If you are young, pay more for the best one you can find; you will use it for the rest of your life. Just my learned opinion.
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Well, I haven't opened it yet and can return it to Cabela's if I want to.
I don't mind spending more $$.

What is your suggestion?


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Open the box and try it out on your living room floor. If it looks good, keep it. Make sure the thing is not designed to slide around if you plan to use it in the bed of your pickup. If you like the pickup idea, make sure it will fit in the bed. Frankly, I like the idea of such a device. The only problem when using it in the pickup is that the cab might get in the way, but still have the other 3/4 of a circle in which to shoot. There is nothing to prevent you from shooting over the truck cab on a couple of bags...just as long as you don't have to worry about frying the paint if you use a muzzle break.

If you really want a slick setup, mount the thing on a raised platform on the back of the pickup so that you have enough room to rotate the table 360 degrees. An added umbrella is also nice unless the wind whips up. Then, you might get some movement in the truck that can throw off your shots. I usually plopped an umbrella in one of the stake holes in the old Chevy I used to have. Now I have a Toyota with no stake holes, but I just place an umbrella I bought at a local chain drug store that can be clamped on the edge of the table. Sometimes umbrellas are a pain in the neck because they can get in the way. can always spring for a large canopy, but this means you have to put it together and take it apart every time you want to move. I used to just leave mine in the field overnight since I knew the rancher and knew that no one would steal it.

You just have to experiment a bit with what you have. There are always compromises in any setup you use.
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