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Originally Posted by Moderator
Hey guys,

We're working on a NEW (much-asked-for) .223 Rem Cartridge Guide.

One sub-topic we'll cover is AR15s--for both match rifle shooting and varminting.

I've gone squirrel shooting with my AR. I concluded that, while it is fun to use a magazine, the AR would not be my first choice for future varmint expeditions. Didn't like the stock length/height when shooting from the ground, didn't like the way the gun sat on the bags when shooting from the bench. I also hated chasing the brass.[/b]

Ghee Whiz, it is easy to get extensions for the stock to make it longer. Take a look at this photo of my Colt Model 6724 AR-15. And there are a number of brass catchers available on the market to take care of that issue. These really are non-issues in my opinion.

Here is my gun at the bench:

The only bad thing about hunting with the AR-15 is that the hunts tend to be shorter, as the animals die so much faster!

This bunny was unlucky enough to encounter my AR:

Lance in Orygun
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Lance i saw a buddy of mine shoot a running jack couple years ago with his AR and he cut it completely in half. I couldn't believe it.

Have u guys checked out some of the WSSM's that Mike Milli from D-Tech is putting out? Shove an 87 V-Max on top, and long-range coyotes have never been in so much trouble. How's about a 10 twist AR 223 WSSM with the 65 JLK LD (BC of .395)? Haven't tried 1 yet but man what a combo that'd be as well with a little load/brass work.

My AR's an Insight Shooting Systems creation 26" Hart 9 twist .223 AI, and has worked well enuf for me to 500 yds. on coyotes, with a 4.5-14X Burris FFII Ball. Plex.

I've never seen a more flexible accuracy varminting rig than the AR platform for general varminting.
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Feral hogs are the biggest varmints around here and an AR-10 in .243 or .308 Win is a great choice. The only thing better would be one with a silencer and a thermal sight. When the farmer's crop is getting wiped out by 30-40 hogs they don't mind if you eradicate all of them. and when chasing hogs through the brush it's nice to know you can have extra followup shots too. The guns are rugged, accurate, operate under severe conditions and can be light weight too. Think that cover the main traits that most people want in a hunting gun. Being able to change the uppers and change calibers covers several more.
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One negative to owning an AR-15 is.
Jim Zumbo dosnt like them. That's a good enough reason for me (sarcasm). He is our "voice" and our "moral authority" you know. Jack A--
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I sold a few AR 15's before the ban. Not modified. Called them my Hasbro guns. Good gun on the run. Plenty of .223 ammo then. The modified ones look interesting but how do they do on running varmints like ground squirrels. I would think more missed shots than hits. On a tripod squirrels won't wait for you to dial in.
The gun is not a BR gun. I saw Feamster's groups shot with an illegal gun, bolt must be able to be removed. Not sure he was an NBRSA member when he shot. You must be a member to shoot a NBRSA event. His one claim to fame group proved an AR 15 can shoot a under 1" group at 200 yds, actually i seem to recall it was a screamer group under .250, but his lack of ability more than doubled the remaining groups over 1". That particular Range should have been reprimanded for an unsafe rifle and a non-member. We had a guy shoot a .3 agg with an AR once, Hart bbl, at San Gabriel, he was legal. He had his rifle modified so he could pull out the bolt during a cease fire, NBRSA Rule. Still a great rifle.

Stephen Perry
Angeles BR
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And you, sir, should really read *all* the book/article before saying someone else should be reprimanded.

The bolt *was* removed. And it doesn't take any great tricks to do it. Push the rear pin out, pull on the charging handle. Big 'modification'. Actually, Feamster's was a little more involved, as he was using a JP Tensioning pin which had to be unscrewed to remove. IIRC, it caused him some grief as it rolled off the bench and he couldn't find it!

Have a nice day.

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AR's are for people who like to do a lot of shooting but NOT very much hitting their target. AK's are even worse. Get a single shot. 1 shot 1 hit!
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Originally Posted by bgjohn
AR's are for people who like to do a lot of shooting but NOT very much hitting their target. AK's are even worse. Get a single shot. 1 shot 1 hit!

What a lame statement to make. I's quite obvious that you either don't know what you're talking about or you're a troll looking to start an argument.
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