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One of the fellow CLub members, Falconpilot, and I shot a 600 yard F-Class Match a couple of months ago at Memphis Tennessee. The targets were the offical NRA 600 yard F-Class targets with a 3" X ring.

I shot a Remington actioned 6mmBR and my score was a 597-30x - Falconpilot beat me! He shot a 597-33X. His gun is a BAT actioned 6mm Dasher. His first relay score was a 200-17X IIRC. What a pleasure it was to shoot with him and be competitive.

George Toney
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Give me a call..I've changed phones and lost your number..I want to visit with you about the 284 Shehane..Got my up and running...Found the load today..4 witnessed back to back groups under 5" at 1000 yards. This thing hammers!!!pushing the 180 Bergers at 2950fps, but the 180VLD's take a quite a bit of work finding the sweet spot..when you do, Damn this thing shoots

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Glad to here that, I didn't know it could get much better than the dasher.
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I don't think the Dasher can be beat, espically at 600 yards or less. It's just so accurate, and easy to shoot. To date, I've only shoot 2 "8" on the new 1000 yard F-Class target and I've shoot quite a few contest. I do feel that at several 1000 yard F-Class shoots that I gave up a few points(the difference between 1st and 2nd!) with the Dasher due to switch/gusty winds.

The 284 Shehane is pushing the 180 vld along with easily at 2950fps without any pressure signs. Quickload shows the winddrift in a 10 mph wind to be about 48 inches or so for the 284, whiles its about 90"on so for the 108 BT traveling at 3000fps...So, basically, I'm increasing my margin or error for wind reading by double...I need all the help I can get
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falconpilot, with a hammer like that, you must be really looking forward to Butner. Is this the yellow gun with a barrel swap, or did you build another?

On the wind drift comparison, I ran them with the Litz BCs and it looks like the 6mm/108@3000 would have 21" more deflection in that 10mph crosswind at 1000yds than the 7mm/180@2950. Still pretty noticeable, but not so extreme as Quickload would suggest.
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We are always learning...took the gun out to the TN F-Class my butt spanked Gun was shooting all over the target, with alot of unexplained/unexpected vertical...nothing that could be patterned, just ramdom hits, all over....Got home and had to leave out on a trip for buddy went down and shot the gun yesterday, off his rest and bag, from the ground, and shot several under 6" groups...So, I'm assuming that its my table manners/rest setup that was causing me the grief over the weekend...Really thinking about screwing the Dasher barrel back on and shooting it at the Nationals, then playing with this gun over the winter...I trust and know my Dasher...
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