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I just encounterd the first bad primers of my reloading "LIFE"...started reloading in 1960 (44yrs) time flies..I have a 6mmBR 8" twist so I am shooting bullets form 62 to 108gr. and have been using many different types of powder vs. what I have used in my 14" twist BR's over the last 25yrs...some folks have reccommended CCI primers so I decided to try some 450's ...I have used Fed. primers of all types most of my life with "ZERO" problems ,,,well my luck has just changed the last few days I have loaded 56 ctgs. with these 450 primers and have had TWO missfires...I called CCI in Lewiston ID this am. and told them of my delima...their "technician" proceeded to tell me that either the primer was seated "too deep" or "too shallow" and that I should try and fix my reloading problem...I told him I was going to fix my reloading problem "I will never buy and CCI primers again" ....he didn't ask my name,address,phone,e-mail,etc...he didn't even want to send me a hat made in Vietnam,,just told me that they didn't have any problem yet with that lot (G13K) ...I asked if my situation wasn't a problem then what was silence on the other end..I will post a pic. of the primers later and maby someone on here will be able to figger it out seems like I know less every day...I was using these primers in cases that have been loaded 7-8times..the powder was N-540 and the bullets were 80gr. Fowler..if that makes any diff..Hope no one else suffers the empty feeling of pulling the trigger on a good group or score (or God forbid that BIG BUCK) and hearing that thud of the fireing pin and then NUTHIN!! Roger
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I feel yo pain.....I have had misfires with CCI's fer years. I quit useing them, then decided to try em again to see if I could get the primer flow and peircing I get when tying to hod rod my 17's, 20's and 6mm!! Was tryn to fireform a 20 ppc case last week on a guessed!! This was in a new Bat SV action. Like you I use Fed. 205-210's.....never have a failure.
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I've had the reverse! Problems with Federal, never had a problem with CCI.

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Only duds I've had in rifle ctgs. were both R 7-1/2s, both during the same offhand match in a Regional Championship HP match. Only bad side effect was that it showed me I'd developed a nasty flinch - that was during the 2000 season, and I'm still using 7-1/2s, because they're good primers. In over 100K rounds of 45 ACP & 38 Super ammo loaded on Dillons for IPSC, I've had two duds - both WLPs.
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hell, i/ve never had a dud--only used federal though, but will be trying 450's in the new BR.

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I have never had a bad primer. Maybe I am lucky. I have had several misfires which have been traced back to sacked out firing pin spring in one instance and the firing pin unscrewing out of its carrier in the other.
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The cups of CCI 450 primers are the thickest of the common small rifle primers, and are the same thickness as the very tough CCI BR4's. While I have not performed testing on the appropriate hardness testing equipment, judging from primer condition under varying load conditions with many cartridges, my personal observation is that the cup material on CCI primers also appears to be significantly harder than that used in most other primers. What this means is that while CCI 450 and BR4 primers will withstand greater pressures before cratering and piercing, a greater force may be required to ignite these particular primers. (FYI, I have a 6BR that pierces primers on any primer type except CCI BR4's.) If your rifle has any deficiency or weakness in the primer ignition system (weak spring, shortened firing pin extrusion, primers seated slightly deep etc. etc.), you may experience ignition problems with these primers that are not apparent using primers with a thinner cup and/or made of softer material. If CCI has no reported problems with that lot of primers, they are probably performing up to their normal specifications, and you simply have a system (rifle or cases) which produce a less-than-optimal striking force. You might want to check your primer seating depth (did you excessively "uniform" your primer pockets?) or consider a new firing pin spring.

I personally like the CCI primers and will convert all of my competition loads to CCI BR series primers for next year.

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