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I have a Rem 700 in .243 that is pitted in the last 6 inches so I am thinking on rebarreling it to a different caliber. My Gunsmith, George Vais, recomended the 6BR and I was just wondering what kind of barrel life I could expect. I plan on shooting 90-107 grain bullets for 600-1000 yards in more of a tactical rifle competition setting and in NRA F-class matches. I would like a barrel length of 26 inches at most and will be going with a Krieger as George tells me everything else is inferior.
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Well, paraman, I do believe you will have two to three times the barrel life of a .243 cause I have owned a few of those barrel burners.

The barrel choice is just that, a choice of what a fellow has used and had good luck with. I have had Krieger, also had Lilja and Shilen and have liked them all to some degree. Some offer a little more FPS than others because of how the final lapping is done, some clean up easier and some just plain shoot better. A barrel from any reputable maker will usually be just fine. You gunsmiths recomendation is just fine also. Just remember it's you that has to make the barrel work with good loads and lots of good cleaning at break in.
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corbin shell
Paraman--You should be able to get 5000-6000 rounds out of the 6br. My good friend and Palma team coach Pete Laberge had a 6br improved that he shoot across the course 200-600 yards. He rebarreled after about 6000 rounds. THat includes a lot of rapid fire strings at 2 and 300 yards. The rapids are hard on barrels.

Stick to the longer barrel especially if you plan on shooting 1000 yards with the BR. My wife's rifle has a 30" barrel and we are getting 2850fps in hot weather with the 107gr Sierra's.

Mark Chanlyn makes awesome cut barrels.
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What kind of velocity can I expect with a 26 inch barrel with 100 grain plus bullets? 2850+ was my goal with a 107 but if thats an impossibility then I may be barking up the wrong tree .
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Paraman--If you're a seasoned reloader and load to the top node somewhere around 2850 is possible with the shorter barrel.The shorter barrels seem to favor H4895 powder and the longer barrels like Varget in my experience. My load gets me 2970 fps using Varget and a 30 inch tube with naked 107's and you will probaly lose 20-30 fps per inch of barrel.
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