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Title explains it fairly well.

I built up a 6BR for short to long-range shooting and it has proved itself numerous times now with the 105 berger VLD.

But now I'm looking for a good Varmint load. SOmething a little more explosive. I tried the Nosler 55gr BT a little bit but they shot quite poorly. Since the barrel twist is more suited for a heavier bullet, I thought I might be better off giving that a try.

So first off, just how well do the Berger MEF bullets perform? I haven't ever heard much said about them. Second, what bullet would you recommend? --Shumway II
- - -
On Tuesday we'll be putting up a new Gun of the Week (from the Black Forest, Germany). The owner has used 75gr and 85gr V-max with great success on small game (1:12 Shilen on a Sako action). He even took a boar with the 87gr and a spine shot. He said it dropped like a rock. He reports accuracy is outstanding, with groups in the twos, even with the hunting-style stock and a 2.5lb trigger.

Other readers have reported great results with the 75gr V-max. The MEFs are supposed to be very effective as well, but we'd probably start with the 75 V-max.
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The 75g and 87g Vmax bullets are awesome on varmints, and they shoot real tight groups, too. A few of my friends have also used Speer 70g TNT bullets, and they report that they are deadly. Thanks.
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I have very good results with Kemira N 135 and N 140, for 87 gr Vmax I recommend only N 140. Burning is very consistant. Or you try Varget, with similar results.
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jb1000br, 1000yd Editor
Shum--the MEFs have GAPING meplats and therefor have a pretty poor BC, so your best bet is probably the 87vmax on the heavy side and the 75 on the light side. I will be trying both when i get mine put together
- - -
I took the opportunity of an offer for special discount prices on my birthday from Midway to order several boxes of both the 87s (V-Max & BTHP) that Hornady makes. Now they're all moly'd & waxed, sitting on the shelf awaiting the arrival of my 2nd 6BR Improved. I've had a Win.M70 in 243 since the early '70s that never did shoot to my satisfaction, and as a result, it's just been sitting in the safe, neglected. I've got a Krieger 6mm 8-twist 28" bbl. on order, and had a NIB H-S Precision stock for Winchester's Laredo series of rifles shipped to Krieger so they could match the barrel's contour to the barrel channel of this stock. When they finish the barrel, it & the stock will be shipped to Randy Gregory's shop, where he will thread & chamber it to the M70's action, after truing & lapping it. Then he'll skim bed the barreled action to the H-S stock, and I'll have what I hope will wind up being a dandy light tactical/LR varmint rifle. I intend to do some coyote hunting with both 87s and 105 A-Maxes.

I thought about going with a std. BR Norma chamber, but I've had such good results with the Improved in my Nesika LR rifle's 30" Krieger, and since I have an excellent set of custom dies from Randy for it, decided to have him chamber the M70's bbl. with the improved reamer. The only question in my mind is whether the M70 (it's an old push feed action) will feed the short little sharp-shouldered cartridges from the magazine, and what I'll have to do about it if it doesn't. If it feeds reliably, I may mount iron sights and shoot it in a XC highpower match. I feel the 87s or 75 V-Max bullets would be great at 200 & 300 yards, while any of the 105/107 bullets will handle 600 nicely.
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