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What do you feel is the best length barrel to use the 107 smk? And what velocities would you get with it on a 6BR?
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I feel there is about 25fps per inch. As velocity moves up, even more fps per inch can be gained. I have seen up to 40-fps per inch gains when velocities are over 3300-fps.

For the 105/107 type bullets, I feel you need at least 26".
I personally like 28" barrels, but would recommend between 27 and 30". Hope this Helped!!
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For the 107s we'd go at least 26" and we think 28" is better.

Re velocities, you should be getting mid 2800s, perhaps a bit more if you use CCI 450 primers. For more information on barrels, take a look at our recently completed BARREL FAQ, compiled with help from Krieger, Gary Schneider, Tim North, Dan Lilja, and Border Barrels. You'll find a link at the top of the barrels page, accessed by the tab on the left, or Click Here
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In my limited experience working with the 6br i find 30 inch barrels to be ideally suited for this round. With Varget powder you can push the 6br in a properly set-up gun over 3000 fps but case life and the sweetspot are generally found at 2950-2970 fps in a 30 inch barrel. By properly set-up i mean the boattail to bearing surface junction needs to be 0.050 in front of the neck-shoulder junction. What this does is give you more usable powder room and it keeps the bullet's bearing surface away from the "donut" that forms at the nek-shoulder junction. My father,myself and my uncle currently have 3 up and shooting one in the shop and a fifth one awaiting a few more parts. They all love Varget powder, Lapua brass and CCI 450 magnum primers. The shorter-barrelled guns seem to like H4895. Alot of shooters stop increasing the powder charge as soon as good accuracy is achieved and this coupled with the more common shorter barrel lengths plus throats that are set-up for 66 gr bullets is why lots of guys are reporting best accuracy at 2800-2850 fps. I prefer to throat the chamber longer to get away from the donut and increase velocity by 100-150 fps.
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Well first off let me say Hi to all of you. Found this Last night at GGVG at jumped on over here to have a look. And, well here I am. I had a 6BR built last year and this thing has puzzled me everytime I have fooled with it. Pacnor SS Super Match 3 groove 1-8" twist, chambered for Lapua brass .266 neck. I had this throated long so as to have full use of the case, but short enough to still utilize a 100 grain bullet when and if I wanted to.

I guess I should tell you that this is in a handgun 15" barrel, then to top that off it is not even an XP-100 but the lowly TC Encore. Just don't throw any rocks at me , I do have an XP or 2 that I play with. Besides all out accuracy is what we are all after isn't it? Oh, and the challenge too.

So if you guys will have me I will be back. I have a few things I would like to run past you for constructive critisism if nothing else.
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Jsh--Nothing wrong with an Encore as a 6BR platform at all, but depending on your shooting distance, you may get more accuracy using 60-80gr FB bullets. You should click on John, the VFF webmaster, has a couple nice Encores, plus a XP-actioned 22ppc. He'll be very helpful with loading advice.

Take a look at the new article from Flatlander about the 6 UBL Improved. I think it confirms what you're saying about the 30" barrels. With a 30" Palma-contour barrel he is right at 3000fps with Sierra 107s and he's getting a little more speed with the Bergers and Jimmy Knox (JLK) VLDs: "The velocity averaged 2898 fps out of my 30" barrel, with an ES of 27fps and a SD of 9. As expected, accuracy and velocity both improved with loads in formed cases. I settled on 34.2grs of Varget with Sierra 107 MKs and Lapua Scenar 105s, while Berger and JLK 105 VLDs get 34.4grs. The Sierra 107s averaged 3005fps, with an ES of 14; SD of 5. JLKs clocked 3037fps; ES was 16, with a SD of 6."
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Well my shooting distance will be 50, 100, 150 and 200 meters. I am playing the silhoutte game for now. I needed the heavy bullets to take the steel critters over. i am going to use it as a scope set up then go to iron sights before my eyes give clear out.
Thanks for the info also. I will just stand back in the shadows and pop in and out every once in a while.

I have about all of the common heavy bullets for the "6" that i could lay my hands on, Sierra, Berger, Lapua, Hornady. I was leaning towards the Varget or one of the VV (135) powders with thoughts of 4895.
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3025fps from 26" Hart and 6 Dasher
Just got off the phone after a long chat with Richard Schatz, the shooter who posted a new Light Gun 6-target world record agg. with an 11-lb Dasher in June, 2004. The gun was built by Dan Dowling with stockwork by Gary Alvey of Marksman Arms.

Get this. Rich uses Reloader 15 with 105s and CR 106s, and he is getting 3025fps with a 26" Hart tube, .271" no-turn neck.

The barrel he set the record with had 1500 rounds though it, and he estimates he was jumping the bullets about .015".

... Guess we may all have to rethink the conventional wisdom. Oh, and he set the world record shooting free recoil all the way.
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