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I'm new to this site but i'm finding several months of reading. I'm a big fan of the 7mm rem mag. but i want to build a long range rifle for the experience. so in turn i want the best for long range accuracy for big game animals without having to worry about throwing out my sholder (50cal bmg is out the question). please help in my question. thanks in advanced.
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why not somethig in a 6.5mm?good long range and knock down power.and little recoil.260/260ackley,6.5x47,6.5x284 just some to start with.but if you like the 7rem mag stay with that.
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Might consider browsing around on pretty much what they're all about.
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The 7mm Rem Mag is a good one that is what they shoot on THE BEST OF THE WEST a long range shooting program on TV. 6.5 x 284 is also good but barrel life is so short by the time you got a good load at all ranges the barrel would be shot out. (600-800 rounds) at long range. I have shot out (2) of these already one went (600) the other (700). All of the 300 Mag's will also work fine even the WSM'S. Most of my testing is at 500,600 &700 yards. With 400 being the base line. This is where I test most loads before moving out. I find if it will shoot good at 400 yards it will normally shoot good at 600 yards.(not all the time but most of it)
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As long as this Qustion is out on the board I have a Question also.

Somet time ago I remember seeing a rule of thumb for retained velocity at the impact yardage as min. on and certain animals. For example

White tail deer, 1400fps
Mule Deer 1600fps
Elk 1800fps
Moose 2000fps
Ect ect ect.

Granted with the wide variety of bullets nowa days and how difrent they perform this Old guide or chart may be extinct.

Has anyone remember sssing this guide?

I used it to pick a Long range hunting rifle some time back figuring on how far I wanted to shoot, and what the maximum effective range was for the cartridge's that I was looking at. I ended up with a 7mm Rem Mag shooting 160+ grain bullets.

I still believe it really really comes down to bullet PLACEMENT more than any thing, and having the skill to put it there no mater what bullet you use. Shooting a measley 20 to 40 rounds out of your gun a year isnt going to get that done.

If you backwards plan.
#1 type of game
#2 longest distance
#3 needed velocity and energy @ that distance
#4 bullet wheight
Equels = Cartridge to use.

That is how I would go about it.

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Rifle cal. .338 with copious amounts of powder.BUT having a rig capable is not the same as being capable.Practice discretion please.
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My soninlaw shoots a 280 with the 168 BergerVLDs and has made seveal kills on deer out to 600+yds. He also used the same load to kill a nice elk. He shoots a lot an has a range set up on his ranch where he shoots out to 950yds.

His rifle is a stock Remington 700 we bedded into a McMillan stock and gave it a trigger job. It consistantly shoots three rounds into a paper plate at 600yds in all conditions.

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If you like the 7's you'll be sure to appreciate the 7mm SAUM set up right..
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