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Have you shot a Sako Quad? All 3 0r 4 barrels come with it for $450.00? Have you experienced the special Burris scope with set ups for each barrel? This seems like an excellent option if the accuracy is there. thanks, George
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Have you considered used? There are a number of quality .22's out there for under $500. I have a Savage 23AA from the 30's that is pretty accurate. I think they sell for under $300. Hard to find one that old though that is still in good shape.

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Savage MarkII-FVT, MarkII-G, both are good reliable rifles and have the accu-trigger and are very accurate IMHO. The MarkII-FVT has the heavy barrel where as the MKII-G has the lighter.

Every Savage I've ever owned was accurate, and so are the Marlin's which do not have a light trigger pull, but one gets use to it. If you're just plinking the Marlin 925 is a good deal as well as the Savage line.

Like Kansas45, I shoot a lot of long range .22LR - and am now shooting out to 300 yards at the 22"x24" gong. I'm hitting that regularly with of all things - my Marlin 795 with a 3-9x32 Bushnell scope.

So in the end, for what you're going to do with the rifle should dictate what rifle would best suit your shooting habits.

I bet you'll enjoy shooting whatever you decide to purchase.

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I am considering used 22 rifles. I think some of the older rifles may have a quality not built in today's rifles. I have seen a Remington 513S and several others, but I do not know their typical accuracy or how to judge their condition. That Savage 23AA does seem to shoot nice group. A Remington 541 has been recommended as a very good used rifle if found. I am still looking and really do appreciate the replies. George
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Originally Posted by Woodman
Have you shot a Sako Quad? All 3 0r 4 barrels come with it for $450.00? Have you experienced the special Burris scope with set ups for each barrel? This seems like an excellent option if the accuracy is there. thanks, George

Woodman, the Sako Quad you speak of is more along the lines of $1600 with all the barrels, its called the hunter combo. If you go to their site they make a heavy barreled varmint style barrel with a wood stock that would be the ideal rifle. However and for some unknown reason they accidently brought in a handfull in the USA, and no one seems to know if they will ever import any more of them to the USA?

I have heard mixed reviews on these rigs. There have been some fellas dump a bunch of cash in these Sako Quads with out all the barrels, what they are doing is only using the action and selling or trading off the rest.

In turn they now have about a $1600 rig with only a 22lr barrel, manners stock, Lilja barrel, screw kit and a trigger spring kit. then of course scope base and a scope. From what I have read most have some sort of feeding problem with different types/brands of ammo, probably the angle of the feed ramp needs a little work and a new polishing job.

I have come to the conclusion that the best bang for the buck would be an Annie for the first choice and then if you needed to stay in your price range then I would either opt for the CZ or the Savage. OR possibly wait and see if Sako ever imports the varminter version?

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For a used option I would try to sneak up on the following:

Suhl 150
Remington 37
Remington 40x (CMP)
Winchester 52 (CMP)

Great accuracy potential. Worth handing down to your children. Usually over $500, but occassional deals can be had.

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get a marlin 981T. 17 shot tube and slick bolt.trigger is good.the 1 i got shoots awesome.1/2" at 75yds with remington golden bullets.
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I would recommend the Anschutz 64.
These can be had in the $500 range. the trigger is adjustable, may even find a 2 stage match trigger in one. I did. Accuracy is top notch.

here is a GB auction from a month ago:

This is an example of a good find!! this gun, if cleaned and maintained, will flat out shoot accurately, forever!!

just my 2 cents.
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