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What would be the best 22 bolt action rifle in the $500 dollar range? I want it for target shooting and possible squirrel hunting. It will need a scope as I can't focus on both sights and targets anymore. Should I look for a used match rifle or are any factory models accurate? Thanks for any advice. George
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CZ 452!
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What kind of target shooting do you plan? Benchrest, 3p, prone silhouette etc. Used will probably get you more gun for your money, but risk of a lemon. Many target rifles have no safety for use in the squirrel woods. Rich
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Everyones probably going to tell you to get the CZ 452 or 453, 453 has a better trigger. And some would say the Savage? I have been doing a lot of research on this as I too have been looking for a nice 22lr for use a s a training rifle. So it would not only need to be accurate it also needs to be able to function reliably. Personally I would rather not have to put a trigger in it or add a new aftermarket barrel to make it accurate as that shoots the cost way up. So I have come to the conclusion that I need to buy an Annie, Sako or a Kimber.

Good luck with your search!!

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Thanks for the replies. I should have described my target shooting as plinking. I know an under $500 rifle would not come close to being competitive. The Savage Mark II has good write ups and has the AccuTrigger, are they really good triggers? How is their quality? I have not owned a CZ but have heard good things from owners. How would their triggers compare to the Savage? Could you find a Annie, Sake or Kimber for under $500? If which models? Still looking for information and thanks for the replies. George
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For plinking--with a scope--it would be hard to beat the toggle action Izhmash 7-2 Biathlon Basic.

For target shooting, the Izhmash CM-2, a position rifle with a pile of front sight inserts and a nice rear aperture will run around $595.

Click on the MT Guns--a 6mm BR sponsor--link.

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Both my Savage MKIIF & MKIIFV are very good rifles. The F was great right out of the box, while the FV took a little time to get there. The difference between the two is the F has a standard barrel & regular trigger, while the FV has a heavy barrel & the accu-trigger. Both are topped with Center Point 4-16X40 scopes. I am very happy with the performance of the Center Point's & would recomend them to those wanting a inexpensive scope that works well. With a 50yd zero, both rifles will hit a 16" disc at 250yds, useing CCI Mini-Mag HP's. I have been shooting out to 200yds, & just tried 250 this morning. I had a 15mph wind almost in my face. The scope took a 27moa adjustment @ 250. I will try 300yds if the Kansas wind ever calms enough.
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Sako Quad, about 450.00 at Whitakers. With target grade ammo they'll shoot with any other mid priced rifle out there plus you can swap barrels in a jiffy or upgrade to a 17HMR or 22mag. You won't have to change springs or use shims to take out slop on the trigger and the barrel manufacturers like Lilja make drop in prefits if you want to compete in other rimfire comps.
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