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I have a bore tech bore guide that i have been using for a while now. I have some nice equipment now and i am wondering if this bore guide i have is good enough? The thing that concerns me is the tips. The tips of my guide are just rubber cones. They are designed as a one size fits most. I was looking at sinclairs and they have fitted cones with o-rings on there guides. Will i hurt anything if i continue to use my rubber coned bore tech bore guide?? When i push the cleaning rod into the guide i can feel a little jump when the rod enters the chamber. this concerns me a bit. any thoughts?? thanks Lee
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I had the same experince with the less expensive guides and got the Lucas guides:

I have been very happy with them.
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Hi Lee.

Not much for advice, but I've been thinking about this subject lately...

I have the same thing occurring with my "one size fits all" type of guide. I've been questioning that 'jump' from the guide to the chamber for a little while now... I'm thinking that it's probably not good. It doesn't 'feel right' in my opinion.

I think I'll be purchasing a better guide shortly... barrels and chambering cost too much to scratch up due to sub-par cleaning equipment. (not saying universal guides are sub-par, they're just not acceptable for BR type of shooting, where a rub mark/scratch on the chamber or bore could affect your accuracy).

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I use Lucas Bore Guides and inserts because the guide goes well into the chamber and the 0-Ring holds it in alignment with the bore. The insert also has an 0-Ring to hold the solvents in the guide and barrel and not allow the solvent to get into the action. Are you sure that you are using the Bore-Tech equipment properly? Make sure you are pushing the rod into the action, chamber, barrel in a straight line. Keep the rod straight. With a patch or a brush on the rod, I doubt the rod is actually contacting the bore but then again, I've been wrong before. Don't tell anyone I said that. One more thing: Make sure the brush is in alignment with the rod. Before you use a brush, twist the rod with the brush attached and if the brush is not straight, nudge the brush one way or the other so that it is in alignment. Mike Lucas has always been sympathic to our cause when asked to donate to the Benchrest School or for prizes in the postal matches.
Lucas: 803-356-0282 or
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+1 on Mike Lucas' bore guides. A quality product that won't have you searching for a better guide later.
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Lucas bore guides are nice but I doubt that a brass jag with a patch wrapped around it can mark the super-heat treated throat in a rifle barrel.
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If you have ever watched someone using a cleaning rod, you can see that most cannot keep the rod straight....add to this fact that sometimes there is greater resistance due to the way the patch was folded onto the holder and/or heavy fouling you can bet that some portion of the rod is touching the bore at the throat area due to the rod flexing. The Lucas guide minimizes the rod flex.
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Originally Posted by kelbro
Lucas bore guides are nice but I doubt that a brass jag with a patch wrapped around it can mark the super-heat treated throat in a rifle barrel.

Agreed (except for the "super" notation), but the Lucas guides keep the rod from flexing and rubbing against the bore. I do believe this causes a peening effect to the rifling (from uncoated steel rods) or damages the coating on the rod.
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