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What would be the process in steps for making 6x47L brass out of 6.5 x 47 brass.Thinking of a tight necked .267 neck?
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As far as forming the brass, just run them through a 6X47 FL sizer and you'll have a case ready to shoot. You may have to turn your case necks after they are formed, depending on the size of your chamber.
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I used a Forster full length die, in 6-6.5X47 Lapua. In my case I'm chambered for a no neck turn version, so all that I had to do was adjust the die to produce a crush fit (the crush fit I feel is helpful when fire forming).

If you are chambered for a tight neck, you will have to use a modified method. Either #1 skip the crush fit, full length size a case then neck turn. Or #2 prior to full length sizing to 6mm, neck turn a case and then full length re size to 6mm adjusting the die for a crush fit, load and fire form. Not having tried it, I think that I would experiment with #2 first.

Note: Myself and others have observed that when you neck these cases down, at the top of the neck, you will see what looks like a wrinkle just below the top. It doese'nt seem to have any effect, but it causes everyone to scratch their head.

This link is useful also,
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I'm glad to see you post about the "wrinkle" because it is something that I've noticed, but never thought to bring up because it disappears once loaded, and I've yet to see it reappear.

I'm using the Forster full length die for my initial resizing too, and as it is the only Forster die I own, I just figured that it was a undocumented feature of the die

I will say that neck tension is vastly improved after fireforming...

Does anyone have any thoughts on the benefits of the various neck dies out there? I've only used Reddings, and have nothing to compare them to...and I'd like to pick up one for my 6x47L. If anyone cares to share their thoughts on the various neck sizing dies, I would very much appreciate it!

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I'm shooting a Bartlein 28" 8tw .269nk, my loaded rounds measure .267 my fired cases measure .268 resulting in working the brass very little. I run my new Lapua brass through a Forster FL die w/o the expander button, then through a K&M 6mm expander mandrel before turning it down .0125 thickness, this allows you to get a complete clean up of the neck, using a 6mm carbide mandrel also will eliminated the inside donut. I then run it through my Redding type "S" 6.5x47 NK die using a .266 Ti-Ni bushing. I'm sure a .267 bushing would be sufficient as my fired cases ended up having a slight bullet grip before resizing, but I'm old school "if it ain't broke don't fix it", being my fire form loads are producing sub 1/2" moa at 500yds on 3" steel. I only plan on using the Forster FL die w/o the guts again when I need to bump the shoulder back .002 but only after I run the brass through the neck die first so that the necks aren't disturbed. Good luck with your build.

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