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Flybuster, do you mean that the "small base" dies are different specs than the .270 dies used for the bolt action? I had read something about these dies, but don't understand the difference. Does this mean that factory cartridges I would ordinarily buy for the bolt-action .270 wouldn't fit in a BAR? I thought they were all the same. I mean, it is no problem for me to reload with different dies, I was just curious as to why they are required for the BAR.

As far as accuracy goes, anything within 1 1/2 or 2 inches MOA would suit me fine, unless I am advised differently.

One more thing: Does the BAR feed cartridges such as Nosler Accubonds with plastic tips without knocking off the tips during cycling a new cartridge?
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Factory ammo will absolutely work, the small base FL die will make your ammo the same dimensions as a factory round. Regular FL dies that aren't small base do not size the case diameter down as much, so it will be wider and have more friction going into the chamber. SB dies are just so a semi-auto rifle feeds better.

I can't tell you about plastic tip bullets in your rifle, I have never shot them in mine.
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Don't know about pigs, since I only shoot Russian wild boars. But for them, I'd opt for 30-06 instead of 270. And you can always load 300WM down to 30-06 level.

Try to think BOSS as an alternative to realoading. If you shoot only factory ammo, you *may* be able to reduce your group size with BOSS. If you reload, you *should* be able to do the same by tweaking your reload.

MOA is a measurement of angle. One MOA is approx. one inch at 100y. So at 200y, it's 2 inches. If you're going to shoot BAR at 300y, I'd say your shooting ability is more limiting factor than a tuned load (by BOSS or reloading).

I'm neither saying that BAR is a tack driver, nor you're bad shooter. I've just seen (and taken) too may shots in hunting situation. If you're leaning into medium/long range hunting, get to know your gun and your come-ups at range (300y is considered medium range, if even that, by LR hunters).
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Quite a jump from the 300 winmag to now a 270. If you are buying another 270 why a Browning auto? I used browning autos for years in 270 and 30-06 to shoot deer that were often being pushed. Sometimes my first two shots just scared them and I got serious on the third. It's easy to do when you can stay in the gun. I love them but if I need a 300 Winchester it's because I need stopping power. If you need stopping power get a 300 and not one of those silly short magnums. Biggest joke they have sold the gun buying public in quite a few years.

Look... a .270 will kill the biggest pig that has ever walked gods earth at 300 yards if shot in the right place. The Bars I had all had plenty of accuracy to do that. The boss thing is great if you do not reload as it can help you to "Tune" factory loads for your barrels vibration patterns. If I was going to give up the reliability of a bolt action and the out of teh box accuracy and fairy decent triggers that can be had.

I would need to gain something. a bar in .270 you "gain nothing" You now have another 270. why not just kill pigs with the 270 you got? If you want a bigger gun the Browning in 300 win Mag with the boss is an accurate rifle that has less recoil then a 308. DO you need a 300 WIN MAG? If not just kill pigs! MY father in law wacked a 300 pounder the last time I hunted with him with his 270. 1 shot about 250 yards. he was shooting 130's. Good luck. Jeff

P.S have your gunshop owner show you on paper why the 300 Sortmag is so hot?

Most of the velocity they show is out of 24 or 26 inch barrels. Remember to take off 50 FPS for barrel length. That 300 short mag doesn't look so hot out of a standard 22 inch barrel because once you drop off that 100 to 2000 FPS the whole thing looks like a reason for Remington and Winchester to sell people another gun that everybody "Must Have". The truth you won't see in the write ups. Jeff
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If you are going to pick on Black bears a 300 win mag would be nice to have but your .270 will still wack the hell out of an average black bear. I wouldn't go picking on Grizzly Bears with it but then I wouldn't pick on Grizzly Bears with anything smaller then a 375 HH. Good luck with your choice. Jeff
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