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I want to buy a Tikka 223 to pack for coyotes and what not. I have a choice of a 595 hunter with about 200 rounds thru it, or a new T3, both at about the same price. the 595 is blue with a syn stock. The T3 is blue and walnut. Any reason to pick one over the other, like twist rate or throat length? Any opinions welcomed.

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The 595 actions are very good and will make a great platform to build a varminting rifle on. Im actually building one on an LSA 55 tikka, bit older but still very strong and smooth.

Nothing wrong with the new T3's either IMO but they might be available with a 1:8 twist if you want to shoot heavier bullets...
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I have one of each..a 595 ss/syn 223 12 twist field weight and a newer T3 ss/syn 223 heavy Varminter w/8 twist...pros & cons in my eyes...
595 is heavier than the T3 least 1#
595 ejection port is more open than T3 series
The 8 twist mag length is rather short for use of really long 75+ gr bullets unless you single feed
The recoil lug set up is different on each...
595 spare mags are scarce..I have a few...metal construction
T3 spare mags are available..plastic & still pricey
Triggers on each are very good...easy to adjust to 30 oz
I also have a ss 7-08 595 along with a selection of T3s in various calibers...the 6.5x55 being a favorite...actually have two in walnut & one laminated wood..if you are going to carry the rifle alot..remember the one pound difference in the 595 & T3...both will shoot very well.......

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A friend bought a used T3 from a dealer who told him it was a 1-8 twist. Wanting it for distance shots at g'hogs, with heavier bullets (223), he was disappointed to find out it was a 1-12, and thought about selling it. Several of us quickly offered to buy it for what he paid, he said he wanted to try it first, and now he will not part with it. Nailing g'hogs at 4 & 500 yds. and very happy. Darn it!
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Tikka barrels with 8 twist will be stamped '8' if they are 8 twist...otherwise expect 12 twist...which is very fine for the 55 gr Nosler BTs and 55 mentioned my 8 twist SS HB Tikka 223 is 8 twist....but if you wanna shoot 75-80s you can expect to single feed them....the magazine is too short....what were they thinking in Finland ?? The mag can be carefully lengthened...I just haven't done it yet...if I shoot 80s its in my 6BR or 6XC...pic shows T3 223 is 4200 6-24 w/SF..[IMG][/IMG]
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Thanks for the replies - I am going with the T3 - it's to be primarily for called coyotes. Bullet will likely be a 50-55 gr Vmax or similar. I will load 40 gr Vmax for ground squirrels. Any problem with the 1:8 twist and that lite of a bullet?

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I use a 50 V max or 55 NBT in my 223 light barrel...both with H4895...never seen the need for the 40s...the heavier pills have the higher BC for those longer shots...
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8 twist you will be spinning the bullets faster and you will probably find they will blow up more. Definitley look into the 55 or even 60gr ballistic tip range if the coyotes are going to be called in to 100yds or closer
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