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I have a Shilen that I would like to try and lighten up as much as possible. It's a chromoly barrel. I understand I won't loose a lot of weight but would like to try it anyways if it's a possibility.

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yes, but now it will also have to be re-blued, all told an expensive proposition, maybe just shorten it instead?
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I am no proponent of fluting any button rifled barrel. It is a mechanical form of stress relieving to which button rifled barrels may be vulnerable. This is a controversial subject.

FYI, Shilen voids their warranty if you flute their barrels. This is off their website...

"...What about "fluting" a barrel?
Fluting is a service we neither offer nor recommend. If you have a Shilen barrel fluted, the warranty is void. Fluting a barrel can induce unrecoverable stresses that will encourage warping when heated and can also swell the bore dimensions, causing loose spots in the bore. A solid (un-fluted) barrel is more rigid than a fluted barrel of equal diameter. A fluted barrel is more rigid than a solid barrel of equal weight. All rifle barrels flex when fired. Accuracy requires that they simply flex the same and return the same each time they are fired, hence the requirement for a pillar bedded action and free floating barrel. The unrecoverable stresses that fluting can induce will cause the barrel to flex differently or not return from the flexing without cooling down a major amount. This is usually longer than a shooter has to wait for the next shot. The claim of the flutes helping to wick heat away faster is true, but the benefit of the flutes is not recognizable in this regard until the barrel is already too hot."

There are few functional weight advantages to fluting.
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How about turning it down to recontour it? It's a very heavy contour. Maybe that would have the same effect as fluting???
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Or you could turn it down to a featherweight and send it to these folks and have it carbon wrapped. Read this article, very interest stuff GUN OF THE WEEK #92 Harmonics and heat dispertion
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Recontouring is no different. Just as many potential problems (actually more)

If it is too heavy, get another barrel... preferably cut-rifled
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Recontouring will actually increase the bore diameter...a small amount.... but usually not good for accuracy.

Read that site re: carbon wrapping.
They claim "benchrest" accuracy....well I surely have not seen them on the circuit, and Remingtons venture into composite barrels seems to have taken off like a lead balloon.
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All you guys are probably correct about stress and bore diameter but Skip Otto fluted all his barrels and made it easily into the Hall Of Fame.
Engineers have determined with body mass and wing size and structure that the Bumblebee can't fly. The Bumblebee knows nothing about engineering and aerodynamics and flies anyway.
Same thing.
Do you have money? Reduce the weight in any manner you wish and if the rifle shoots worse than it does now, then buy another barrel whether it is lightened by way of contour, fluting, or shorter length.
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