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I'm in the process of procuring the parts to build my first target rifle and am trying to decide which cartridge for the chambering. The four i've narrowed it down to are the 6x47 Lapua, the 6XC, the 6.5x47 Lapua, and the .260 Remington.

I've a dual purpose in mind for this rifle, with hunting chores being mixed in with some F-class type target work. Currenlty leaning towards the Lapua cases, and the heavy VLDs. The 260 is a favorite hunting round for me (own two), so is included out of sentiment. Would the 6mm versions cut it well enough out to 600 in comparison to the 6.5s?

Advise away, please.....

Kaiser Norton
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Look hard at the 6mmBR.
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I shoot with guys who shoot 6BRs out to 1000 yds. with good success. I shoot the 6XC and like it. The 6x47 is essentially the same as the 6XC. I think one would need to go to the 6.5/284 velocity to improve upon the 6mm ballistics. The lower recoil of the 6mm is a big plus after 60+ rounds down range per match per day.
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I'm not sure the 6MMBR would qualify as a hunting cartridge. With the exception of varmints. I have a br and a two 243ACK. If you truely intend to hunt with it I'd stick with a 6.5 x 47 you cannot beat lapua brass. 6mm bore is a little small for hunting anything with the exception being varmints. The XC is probably good but if I had my choice I'd get something you can buy lapua brass for. For all out accuracy its hard to beat a BR it is fun to shoot and easy on the wallet.

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Originally Posted by LWolken
I'm not sure the 6MMBR would qualify as a hunting cartridge.

Mine works on pronghorns. I shot two antelope last week with BIB 95 FBs out of my 6BR.

A 6BR will produce >1000ft-lb of energy (generally considered adequate for deer-sized game) out to 350 or 400 yards, with pinpoint accuracy.

Toby Bradshaw

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6mm calibers are excellant for taking game such as Pronghorn, Deer, and others even out to some distance. Look at the 6CM it edges the 6.5-284 at 1000 yards.
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6mm cartridges such as the .243 Win and 6mm Rem are excellent for deer-sized game. With proper bullets, they do not destroy as much meat as larger calibers.

I keep seeing references to the 6BR as a 1000 yard cartridge. I have not owned or shot a 6BR but can only go by what I see in F Class practises and competition on the Canadian Army ranges. On a windy day the 6BR really struggles at 1000 yards, not enough horsepower. And I have seen 6BRs go subsonic at 1000 yards. You can say that the shooter was not using proper loads but they thought their loads were adequate.

Another incredible cartridge for long range hunting and F Class is the 6AI. I say this from personal experience.
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I would vote for the 6.5x47Lap. I got my first custom rifle chambered in that round. Its been super easy to get it too shoot.
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