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So i'm new to the whole long range precision shooting game, and i'm already having some problems. I bought a stevens 200 in .22-250 and am waiting for a new tube and decided to see how well the gun shoots. I was only able to shoot about ten rounds when i started to look at the brass and all of the shoulders had splits in them. Most have two splits, some have three and some only have one. I was shooting hornady v-max 55gr factory ammo. My question is, is the problem with the brass or is my barrel not headspaced correctly. sorry about the post being so long, any advice is more than welcome. thanks
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You did not state if the gun was new or not? If this is a factoy fresh gun I would do 2 things Send it back to the factory with 2 pieses of brass let them decide

BUT It will probly be the ammo but with out the letter from the gun Manufacturer it will not do any good to send the brass to Hornady THAY Do NoT STAND BEHIND THEAR PRODUCT!!!!
even with the letter you will most likly get the run around!

#2 If you have a gunny near you with a set of go no go gages for a 22-250 have him check it first then Try a diffrent brand of ammo
I hate honady A frend and I have had isues with them and some 220 swift ammo and thay did the shuck and jive thing.
Good luck Kevin

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gun is brand new, except for the rounds i put through it to site it in. I was just trying to get an idea of who to call first about the problem. even with it blowing out the cases i got a three shot group that was .25moa at 100 yards, so i'm hoping that its just crap brass.
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Suggestion is to try different brass first, if it still happens then send the gun back.
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Stop shooting it and send it back. There's clearly a problem, I've never seen factory brass so bad that it split and cracked from a single firing in a rifle that is properly headspaced.

If indeed the rifle is OK and the brass was that bad, you're going to need to switch obviously. Send the brass and a copy of the "nothing was wrong with the gun" to Hornady asking them to evaluate the ammunition from the lot you have. Tell them you're concerned there might be a possible manufacturing defect, the rifle was checked by Stevens and it's in proper order.

Make the approach to Hornady one of "concern for other shooters, please evaluate this, and while you're at it, can you replace the stuff since this isn't safe to shoot?" Maybe you'll get lucky. I've had decent experience when I called their customer service about some Amax bullets where the ballistic tips were all loose and falling out when I opened the box.
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I have also never seen that in a 22.250 case even after many reloads. I would also advise sending the rifle back with the brass as I think Hornady make some decent ammo and the brass is (or at least was!!) pretty good for reloading so I hear.

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