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Great Site!

I would like to get either a Cooper .20VT or a CZ527 .19 Badger.

I've spoke with James Calhoon and Rob Behr at Cooper. They are both very helpful and I would be comfortable buying rifles from either of them. I talked with Don Lewis (writer for Varmint Hunting and Precision Shooting) and he has nothing but praise for the .19s. His wife shot a .188" 5 shot group with a .19 Badger. He says that it is the best varmint rifle.

The CZ 527 is around $500 less than the Cooper .20VT. I find the Montana Varminter more appealing to the eyes, but I'm more concerned with function.

I'm also considering having a custom rifle built in either caliber, if I can have it done at a reasonable cost. Perhaps a Remington 700 action with a lilja barrel or something.

What do you guys think?

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If I bought the CZ I will always wonder if I should've bought the better Cooper but if I buy the Cooper I will still be wondering if I should've just build a custom gun exactly as the way I want it ....... I hope you are not anything like me
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I have four Coopers in various calibers and a 19 Calhoon and 19-223 Calhoon.

My 19 Calhoon is the Ruger variant and is one of my absolute favorite rifles. The 19-223 Calhoon is a Remington 700 action, HS Precision stock, Jewell trigger with the heavy varmint barrel. It's one of my least favorites. It will shoot about 1/2" at 100 and that's it.

I don't give a lot of creedence to anything Don Lewis says - something about familiarity breeds contempt but whatever.

The downside to dealing with Calhoon is you have one choice regarding bullets and that's James Calhoon. If you're looking for a pelt rifle, the Calhoons aren't it. The double hollow point with the slick silver coating leaves an exit wound that looks like a tennis ball went through it.

Just my opinion but at $950 for the Calhoon CZ vs $1,400 for a Cooper varminter in 22 BR or your choice of other popular calibers, I'll take the Cooper every time. You can also sometimes find the Cooper discounted. Won't happen with the Calhoon..... I'll try to remember where I bought a couple of the Coopers but I saved more than 10%. Old West Gun and Pawn I think... somewhere in California. I've also seen them sold at 20% below list on GunBroker.

As far as a custom rifle, be prepared to pay a whole lot more money. You buy the parts one at a time then have them assembled. A Ford pickup built that way would be at least $200,000.
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This rifle will be for getting rid of those little ground squirrels that chirp.
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Olde West Gun and Loan in Redding, CA Don't know if they still do this or not. 530-243-8334

Cooper Model 22 Varminter in 22-250 with upgraded wood. $1,100 delivered. Unfortunately that was in 2002.

Darn thing is too pretty to shoot. Been in the box since the day it showed up. Fortunately, unlike womens shoes, they don't depreciate. Makes me want to order another one....
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How would a CZ 527 action compare with a Cooper 21 Action?

How about comparing the Calhoons Pac Nor barrel to the one used by cooper?

Hands down I like the Cooper stock better, but what about the actions and barrels?
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By .20 VT, do you mean Vartarg? If so, then you don't want the M21 action but the M38. IMHO, there is no comparison and when you see the M38 action you will know why. Figure a Cooper is a custom rifle for 1/2 to 1/3 the price
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Yes, .20 VarTarg.

What makes the Model 38 Action better? I see that it is shorter, and a different ejector setup?

M21: Plunger style ejector machined from solid bar. 7.75" Length
M38: Retractable tab ejector machined from solid bar. 6.6" Length

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