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I could never buy a Cooper, because of Dan Cooper. I would imagine he still profits from every sale. Lets not forget who he supported for president.
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When you have Cooper on the phone ask them how much money they are going to funnel to antigun candidates. It just amazes me that anybody would still buy a Cooper. Oh well. I suspect the people who buy them think just like Cooper does. I don't ever plan on owning a gun with a mag capacity of bigger then 5 so who cares?
I wonder how much money they will give Obies campaign the next time around? It will be interesting to see. Jeff
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"...Oh well. I suspect the people who buy them think just like Cooper does......"

Jeff, probably in many ways I do think just like Mr Cooper........such as what makes a fine rifle.

I post on the 6mmBR forum to learn and share information about accurate rifles and loads. Based on your ill-considered reply to the topic of this thread I suspect your interests are not in alignment with those of this forum. There are certainly many lively political forums on the internet, and I invite you to search out one of two where you can ensure your views are promulgated. You might be surprised that I am probably to the right of your political stance, but those views are for another forum, not this one.

By the way, if you check your facts a little closer you will find that Mr Copper received not one cent of the money I paid for my rifle.

Don't bother to reply; it won't be read by me.
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Originally Posted by PaperSniper999
Anyone have experience with a Cooper model 21 in 223 Remington? I'm wondering what difference in accuracy I can realistically expect between that one, and say a 6mmBR in the same gun?

Real world experience is appreciated. I reload and I know the 6BR is inherently more accurate than the 223, but I only shoot at paper at 100 yards, and the 223 is less expensive to shoot. That is a factor. I have 223s and a 6br already, and load for each, but I like the looks of that Cooper......<g>

Let me have a crack at this one, since I have one of each: Cooper 21 in .223 and a GAP/Surgeon/Schneider in 6BR 1:8
The Cooper wears a Zeiss Conquest that goes up to 15x and the GAP/Surgeon has a USO that goes to 20x or so. The only bad thing about the Cooper is that it is a slow twist, 1:14 or 1:12, I don't recall. But point is that it can only shoot the lighter .224 bullets. I usually use 50 VMAX or 52/53 SMK with N133. It will easily hold 5 round .5 MOA groups off a bench/snadbags. BTW, I've done very little to "tune" loads for the Cooper, as every load with the 53 HPFB SMK (set to standard OAL, not even to jump a specific distance to the lands) with N133 have easily been < 1moa. It may do better with a higher mag scope, especially when shooting at 200yds, where the 15x is a bit limited and if I use a formal benchrest front rest and rear bags. At such short ranges (100-200), I see little difference with the little Cooper vs. the BR shooting 107s without a more formal benchrest setup. The 6BR may do better with some benchrest 68 FB bullets, but I don't have time to fiddle with that, 'cause I'd use the .223 in short range and the 6BR for longer distances. The Cooper is a nice light "walking" varmit gun, with a pretty walnut stock while my 6BR is a bit heavier with a heavier barrel and A5 stock. The Cooper also costed me less than half of my 6BR and is cheaper to feed and shoot. I too, do not agree with Mr Cooper's politics, but they do make a nice rifle.
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I own 3 Cooper rifles. They all work great for what they were intended for a varmiter. I have been very pleased with Coopers service Dept. You can send the rifle back to them they will rebuild the action re bed the stock and install a new barrel for $300.00. Try getting that done anywhere else for that kind of money. As far as caliber goes. There is no question that the 6br and 6mmppc will shoot smaller groups. The 223 will shoot way under 1/2" and have a long long barrel life (6000 rounds) brass is cheap and no special work is required just them through a full length die stuff them with any number of different loads and you are good to go. If you are looking for a bench rest rifle this is not it. If you want a rifle to play with it is one of the very best in my opinion. P.S I don't agree with Dan Cooper's politics in what he did.(if I stopped buying products from everyone that supported the president I couldn't buy much} That being said I LOVE the Cooper rifles.
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Thanks for the feedback on the Cooper rifles. I have 6 loads ready to test, now if I can just find the time...........I thought I was supposed to have more free time once I retired?
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